Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Sweetest Little Things

Hey...we are back from Houston and it is hot here! Whew!

This afternoon while we were driving home I saw the sweetest thing. There was an older woman about 75 with about six or seven little girls about 5 years old. She looked like their Vacation Bible School teacher who was taking them out for a little field trip. They had stopped at a gas station/convience store for a potty break and the teacher had about all she could handle with them in the few minutes I was in the same room with them. I was coming in as they were preparing to leave. The woman was trying to keep them together and manage the situation. The little girls were so cute in their little frilly sundresses and white sandles and they were chattering like a bunch of little chickidees. Finally she ordered in a firm, but kind voice..."Madeline, get next to me and Grace, you form us into a line and lead us out of here straight to the front door"....all with little heads held high and on a mission. It was truly grace under fire for the older woman managing such a number of little girls and figuratively leading them to womanhood....even though little Grace led them today.


  1. I can't tell you how many people have made comments about how cushy and easy my job must be. I'd give those people maybe 15 minutes in a similar situation, and they'd be yelling (and the kids crying), or begging for help -- or both!

    And a field trip just adds to the fun. As a teacher I both love and hate them. They are wonderful teaching tools, but oh the stress of getting 30 kids to do the same thing at the same time -- and behave -- while in an unfamiliar and stimulating environment. Yikes.

  2. Boy, I'm with Quilly on this one! And with VBS coming up soon... I'm stressing already! LOL! But... for some reason, I LOVE it! 5 year olds should be limited to groups of 4 though! Your little elderly lady is a SAINT! And your story is cute!