Sunday, June 29, 2008

The domesticity funk

I've been so domestic this past week I think I need to go get a beer and sit around in an undershirt or something. And, remember when I so wanted to be hubby's biker babe on the Vespa, but chose not to have helmet hair instead...well, while reading Crazy Aunt Purl I found a link to this Scooter Babe embroidery pattern. It is very cool...and there are so many really cool ones at Super Crafty, but it means there have been LOTS of women becoming scooter babes ahead of much so they have an embroidery pattern for gosh sakes. There really are some cute patterns at that site, even though they have crushed my dreams of being original.

The domesticity today was sewing, for goodness sake! We remodeled our upstairs bedroom some...well, a while back and I'd never gotten blinds or curtains for the clerestory windows above the bed. I had the matching bedspread and curtains and pillows and had craftily taken one of the curtains and made it into a shower curtain. How clever is that! But now coverings for the windows over the bed. Our daughter is coming in August for my birthday and my mil's birthday and she is like her mom...she likes it to be somewhat caveish for sleeping. A trip to Home Depot for blinds was first on my list this morning, then over to Garden Ridge for accessories that I'd seen but didn't buy and sheer curtains. Well, the sheers were 84" long and the window is 25" high, so there was some altering going on here today....and with what I had left over I made a tiny little matching curtain for the bath. It has a tiny little window.

Did I mention the peach cobbler made from the last of the peaches? Well, it was wonderful and last night I gave in and put some of the peach home made ice cream on the heated cobbler. It was so good. I will be looking for a Weight Watcher's meeting place very soon, but my goodness it was so good. I'll get pictures of the cobbler uploaded tomorrow, but I'm worn out. Here is a picture of the ice cream.

a bowl of peach ice cream

Apparently life size for tonight...I can't get the edit thing to work right now, or the little hand thingy to scruch it down some. And for another thing I lost the pictures in a post about our vacation. They just will not transload from the hosting site. It might be God telling me not to post those ones, even though they were for family viewing. I'll work on that tomorrow, too after I run to my doc to get the paperwork so I can get blood work done for the physical in July. I'll get better at this blogging thing one of these days.


  1. The only thing wrong with the life sized view of the ice cream was that I couldn't pick up the dang spoon!

  2. ROFLMBO! You talk just like me! Well, you domestic Goddess... I want to see pictures of all the cute little curtains! Whenever you figure out the whole picture thing...

  3. Embroidery patches for biker babes...hmmm, does take a lot of the originality out of it! Bummer! The helmet hair, broken bones from falling off the bike, and bugs in my teeth pretty much ruined it for me.

    I agree homemade peach ice cream (with a life sized picture) is cruel and unusual punishment on a hot day.