Friday, June 6, 2008

How does our garden glow

We had a little summer get together for some family and friends the past couple of pay back for parties we have attended and to catch up with everyone. Some we hadn't seen in years and it was so
great to get caught up a little. Anyway, we put up strings of lights over our patio and had candles everywhere. It actually was very pretty
and I've decided the lights are staying up....for one reason...we nearly got a divorce or killed each other while putting them up. Our neighbors probably heard some words they didn't understand during that time.

The experience may remind some of you about the Christmas tree lights. In our family that time is fraught with anxiety over the putting on of the lights. Well, if you don't need to have an explanation and if you don't you are very lucky, indeed. Anyway, I promised my friend Melli to post some of the pictures. I didn't actually remember to take pictures while our guests were here...of course. My daughter did, but she is in Baltimore right now and won't be back until Sunday.

The candles on the holder are very impressive at night, but I was taking these pictures in hurricane force winds last night and if I took the picture with the flash it washed it out and without the flash I couldn't hold still long enough for it not to be blurry. The crackle glass one is from a trip to LNT and the other from a trip to Garden Ridge where they had
these cool little bowl that held a three inch tall candle perfectly and fit inside the candle lantern. This picture looks a little lopsided, but the wind was blowing the day I took it, as well.

These are where the nexus of the strings of lights come together
at one corner of the patio. You may see the hummingbird whirlygig just next to the post.


  1. Looks like a setting for a grand party. I'm thinking though that you should have sold tickets to the "fights". The money could have really expanded your party budget.

  2. LOL at Quilly!

    I LIKE these lights! And I LOVE the lanterns! Especially the crackle glass one! But the lights DO make it look VERY festive! You will have to do a TON of entertaining this summer - just to show them off! Besides... you have the perfect yard - AND pool! You don't even have to let guests IN the house! LOL! Well... okay... Restroom privileges. Sooooooo... let's see... if I get in my car and I leave right now... I can be there by... ooops - got the beach trip coming up... okay... ooops... then VBS... I can be there August 16th! (for an hour or two)

  3. Wow, that looks very pretty! :) The lights add a nice touch.