Monday, September 15, 2008

Black Monday

Since I changed the background it sort of freaked me out when I stopped by my own blog just now. Not sure how long it will take to get used to it.

News from the kids is that there is no news. They have been looking for a generator for two days, but didn't call tonight to say whether they did or not. There is no electrictity, water or much of anything down there, but I so understand the need to get home.

Hope everyone is doing well. I've ordered a bunch of drapes and am anxiously awaiting them. Had hoped to paint and get carpet first, but oh well.

Anyone have a black Monday on the stock market today. So much depressing news all at once...I just don't know. This is worse than it has been in the past 100 years, what Alan Greenspan said today. That is worse than the depression and that is depressing as all get out. We bought dry beans at the store today....a good bunch of them.

I'd planned to putting this up on Halloween, but it just cracked me up.


  1. Next time you go to the store you might want to stock up on Spam. And toilet paper.

  2. DO NOT STOCK UP ON SPAM! Ewwww gross! Soup! Stock up on soup!

    I sure hope your kids place is okay! I've been prayin' for Texas -- for ALL of ya!