Friday, October 31, 2008

Wow...the earth moved last night

Oh man....we had an earthquake last night...well, not right at my house, but out by the race track. About half way between Ft. Worth and Dallas. I didn't feel a thing last night at 11pm and again at midnight when they happened. I was sound asleep.

The really bad part is that although there was not much damage, as far as I know, our insurance policies won't cover earthquakes. We do live on the Balcones Fault that runs from around Austin to up here. Here is the Wikipedia link about the Balcones fault.

Here is the link to the story.

Greenhouse news:
We are going to make a major move on finishing the greenhouse today. It should be a lovely fall day to be outside. It is just when the sun gets right where the greenhouse is going to be that it gets really hot Oh yes...we went down to Harbor Freight last night and got the shelf unit and auto opener for the window that opens to let hot air out. We are very lucky to have the Harbor Freight store close to us. I hadn't realized that before. They price matched the online price and that was good because we saved shipping and handling.

Happy Halloween and have a safe one, too.
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  2. How bizzarre!
    It's pretty here today as well.
    I could get use to this!

  3. Wow! I didn't know that Texas got quakes.

  4. Earthquakes? WOW! I would feel so ripped off that I didn't get to feel it! (cuz I'm weird like that!) I would NOT like knowing that I lived on a fault though! Nope...

    Can't wait to SEE your greenhouse!

    That um... cake... was somethin' else!

  5. I am glad the earthquake was so mild it didn't wake you!