Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bizzy bees and The Colony, not really about bees at all

I truly did not say this, but we have had about enough rain for this week.

If anyone above heard that it will never rain again and we will be back in the drought in a heartbeat. So, I'm ok with it continuing to rain a little more. Really...

Just as well rain, I've been trying to get bank statements balanced, old magazines tossed or bundled to take to my doctor's office. The magazines in his office are all golf and sort of men's magazines. Once I found a Latina magazine and was so delighted to have something to read or just look at the pictures if I couldn't read the Spanish.

Hubby and I are both just worn out today. We had meetings all day yesterday and other stuff to deal with, too. We thought ATT was coming to change our cable carrier and email, etc. today. Two men came an looked at the terminal outside, and then left. Hubby finally looked up the email and saw that it isn't until next week.

Ah well, hope you have a grand afternoon. I still have to get stuff put away yet today. A nap might be hovering in the background, though.

I stayed up last night to see the last of the shows I'd tivoed, because when we change providers....well, I won't have this box anymore. I've started watching a show called "The Colony" about if there were a nuclear, chemical, biological, etc. and just what would you do if there were only a small pocket of people around you who are pretty darn smart. It has given me a lot to think about and ideas I had NO idea about, and things that can be made from stuff I had NO idea if you did that it would work like thus and so.


  1. I am watching the rain dance to see if I should look for Noah.

    We have a boat, but Noah built and launched his from dry land. Might be a wee bit difficult for us, especially since we don't have a divine guideline.

    Truthfully we are on the edge of the slow moving front out of TX. Central AR is getting the most rain. For now we welcome the rain and cooler weather.

  2. Could you just send it this way please? (the rain) They keep promising me some... today we DID actually get GRAY skies... but still no rain... no rain... no rain... I'd like summa dat!

  3. My guess is that we had rattled the rain stick a little too often.

    It was still raining after dinner.

    I was starting to look for pairs of animals there for a while.

    Maybe soon, but be careful what you ask for with this system, it is a real drought buster.

  4. We got quite a bit of rain too and enjoying the cooler weather this week. Have a good weekend!