Monday, September 14, 2009

Rudeness Rules the Realm

The last few weeks and months have been marred by so many jumping up and shouting whatever is on their minds and when called on their rudeness give an incomplete and insincere "apology". Rudeness rules the day lately.

Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to announce that Beyonce should have won and that Taylor Swift was inferior to her. Beyonce was as shocked as the many people watching, not to mention the true winner of the award. How rude and boorish of him to even think of ruining one of her great moments. His actions have been likened to his stepping on a kitten. Women candidates from the MTV show were outraged, too.

The other night when The President Of The United States was making a speech a member of Congress (being in that position should carry some higher level of gentility, one would think) shouted during our President's speech an accusation of "You Lie!". We do not live in Great Britain where such rants are common in their house of Lords and is tolerated. However in our country, it is not our way to address anyone, much less our own President, and it makes for a very weak argument. Congressman Joe Wilson made a puny little half apology...stating the Republican party had told him to say he was sorry and so he was. HA! He is getting a ton of mileage out of that rudeness, as well as, filling his coffers.

It has become politically correct to be a really big a** and then say a tiny lil "Oh yeah...sorry about that", but it is not ok in my book. No wonder our children are growing up to be thugs when what they see is horrible behavior being rewarded. There are too many people who think they can blurt out anything and it will be overlooked. Too many drug dealers who make a fine living selling drugs, and not that much happens to them either. Thieves stealing from people who are trying to manage their money the best way they know how. Where are the good people now. People who care for their children, rear them with a sense of honor and caring for others. They are out there, but are obscured by the bad behavior of so many.

Former President George W. Bush did not set a good example of good manners or good sense. He took us into the wrong country to fight a war that was brought to our shores by Afghanistan, not Iraq. When asked about this the former President said, "He (Saddam Hussein) tried to kill my daddy!" During this 8 + year war many daddies and mommies have not come home to their children after they were killed in the twin towers and on flight 93 on a plane crashed to keep it from flying into the White House or Capitol Building, or in Iraq or Afghanistan fighting in the war.

Since President Obama was sworn in as The President of The United States I have been receiving the most vile racist emails from people I considered patriots and honest, decent folks. I delete the emails and respond to some, but mostly not that much. How can you argue with baloney.

I'm just so tired of rude crazy people running our country and mouthing off all the time I could weep. Where are the real patriots and not the ones who want to secede from the United States.
They get out and march in droves to the Washington Mall to march for freedom" while chanting 'No more Czars!" and "Can You Hear Us Now!" Sounds like fascism to me, and it is starting to smell a lot like fascism, it talks like fascism, so I believe it is. I wasn't alive during WWII, but did learn a lot about it and from it.

Be sure to play the You Tube below to see the march.


  1. Kanye just needs to go away...far, far away.

  2. HEY THERE BR!!! ltnc...hope you are well. :)

  3. I was absolutely APPALLED by our congressman's behavior the other night! Could NOT even BELIEVE it happened! I was just infuriated! If I lived in South Carolina I would be campaigning for his impeachment! (not that it would do any good) I do honestly believe that the House should do it though!

    As for Kanye - I didn't see it, obviously - but it certainly sounds like he's probably dug himself a pretty deep pit!

    I really don't know what is WRONG with people anymore! There just doesn't seem to be any common decency! Grrrrrrrr....

  4. I saw two of the three events of which you write.

    I am appalled at rudeness from everyone. across the spectrum of every subject.

    Since the subject involve politics I don't comment specifically.

    But genteel behavior, politeness and respectfulness began a free fall when we failed to train our children in seemingly simple manners, of Thank You, Mr or Mrs X began using familiar (first)names instead of formal full names, addresses our aunts and uncles by first names. etc. and what happened to yes ma'am, yes sir.?
    I still use many of these terms, especially with strangers or in business settings. I have been known to lose my cool infrequently.

    You apparently missed Serena Williams appalling temper tantrum on center court. She is paying mightily for that extreme display of unsportsmanship.

    Unfortunately, entertainment figures and politicians seldom pay where it hurts.

    I still say Thank You when someone infrequently holds a door for me.

  5. I detest bad manners. All the above examples just infuriate me. I suppose because my grandma raised a very polite granddaughter!

  6. NW-1,
    I was so angry while writing that piece I really did forget about her tantrum of bad manners. She did have the decency to make an apology that did seem truly remorseful, but you cannot unring a bell. She will have to live with it and I do hope she doesn't forget the humiliating situation she found herself in.

    You have the very best of good manners and one of the gentlest of souls.

  7. Saying thank you, you are welcome, and may I are so important for children to learn. My son and dil are doing a fine job teaching my little grandson his manners. From time to time there lapses, but he is learning. She only got a pass because I forgot..durnit.

    Saying yessum and yessir was the way I was brought up and you know it does not take one second more than saying something rude. I did call my grandmother Jessie by her first name, but that was just the way it was. No disrespect was intended and I would have felt weird calling her Grandmother. We were very close. I was very close with my other grandmother and called her Gan Gan and always will think of her by that name even though I know her real name...I never used it, except to name my youngest after her.

    Well, girls it is up to us to keep up the good work of teaching and learning the better parts of life.

    I'm also starting to worry about the water in S. Carolina. That congressman who took off to Argentina for a love tryst with his girlfriend! And the You Lie guy. Must be something in the food or something. Even got to John Edwards up in N. Carolina.