Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy Days and Rainy Nights

We are in the midst of our own personal little tropical storm since yesterday. As I've said before, God gets all of our prayers and whines and whinges for rain at the same time and then all of a sudden remembers and sends us a plenteous amount. We were pretty much ok, but I love a rainy night, as the song goes, and I do love a rainy Saturday, etc. Hubby said we had 4" in the rain gauge this morning and it has rained all day. yummm..delightful...I believe I've told you I do love rain.

So in the midst of our rainy day I just had to check out the LOL cats and look what I found. They crack me up.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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  1. After I read your post I clicked to leave a comment and got a full page commercial about watching television on my computer. I am sure you have no idea how it got there or who put it there but it was there. And only after I clicked on it to close it did this proper box appear to write this comment down.

    Amazing to me how these things creep into our lives.

    Thanks for your visit to my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog and for your comment there about the copyright symbol ©.

  2. HA HA! LOlacats are now squirrels. Glad Luckie can't see 'em as they would certainly not be so relaxed.

    I think some of that rain is headed our way, probably about church time in the a.m. Oh well....

    If you get tired of Rainy Days and Rainy nights, change tune to Stormy Weather....never mind cancel that thought...that song leaves me in the throes of depression.

    Enjoy the cooler weather! It's bound to be a tad cooler!

    Our mornings and been as low as 54 deg. but mainly in mid-60s lately.

  3. Abe,
    I am so sorry about that blamed pop. I get it when I visit other sites frequently. I promise it was not put on there by me at all.
    Seems to be another hassle of the internet.

    I really enjoy your blog. You say much in few words. That is a sign of an organized mind and a knowledge of words.

  4. NW-1,
    You crack me up, kiddo. I'm thinking of breaking out a new cd I ordered from Amazon...a group called Lady Antebellum. I'm trying to branch out and see what is out there nowdays. It all began with the Ipod and putting all my cds on it. That boggled my mind plenty. I'll let you know, k. :)

  5. We had rain too. Just not that much!

  6. We were SUPPOSED to get rain like that this past week and it NEVER materialized! The storms went around us on all sides! I guess we're back in our bubble again! I was soooooo sad... I LOVE rain too! I'm glad you got your though! My niece has gotten a ton of it in San Antonio too! The are lovin' life!

    Those squirrels are toooo cute! Love the headline!

  7. Haha, oh I certainly have missed your blog. Hi btw :D