Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Loving your weird children

Since I've yapped on and on this week, I would like to make this very brief and share the most delightful family with you. It brought back so many memories of child rearing.


I hope you enjoy and love this as much as I did. I got so tickled in a couple of places I nearly lost it.

Hope to see you later in the week. The rhuematoid arthritis meds really kicked me in the rear this Tuesday. It hasn't been a fun day at all.

Night night.


  1. That was the cutest thing about the little girl. I can just imagine that father when she yelled "Ta-daaaa". lol. I had to go back and read your last post one more time, too. I hope things are looking up for you and the arthritis is better. It has rained here all week. So far I have been lucky because the rain usually makes my arthritis act up, too.

  2. I go back to the rhuematologist on Oct. 8th. I'm going to ask him if I have to take this medicine forver and ever amen or if at some point in time it can be discontinued. I don't want the horrible consequences of rheumatoid arthritis, but dang. Whew. I'm still not very well today.

    That post about that child so cracked me up. Mine were plenty weird, too. When my grandson was born I told my dil there would be times she would say "You did whut?"
    and he would tell her in such a sweet trusting way that when her head exploded it would be with love. HA! She didn't believe me then.

  3. Very cute post and very funny. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Very funny; wonder if my Mother thought me weird...hmm.. I would wager yes, she did.

    Geez, I hope something quiets downs, eases up , or whatever phrase is appropriate at your house.

    Maybe you don't need to read my post today about being senior citizen.....

  5. Ohhhhhh dear Lord! I had ONE bad child... not bad... trying... ONE trying child... and that was quite enough. Sometimes I actually hope he DOESN'T reproduce! LOL! But he sure would make cute babies! Probably rotten through and through... but cuter 'n pie! I FEEL for that mother! And I'm sO glad she has a STRONG relationship with Jesus!

  6. hi, I'm here from rocks in my dryer. I saw a comment on there from you and checked out your blog b/c I liked your comment there. I've read some of your posts and love your blog! trying to figure out if we are from the same era. anyway. that's terrible about the 14 foot shed. stick to your guns -- hope it doesn't deteriorate to guns :) but those stupid zoning boards don't always rule the way they should. i don't blame you for being mad. nice to meet you. I also checked out the naptime blog and am hooked on that one now too. so I don't get much done all day.