Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze is in a better place now

Bless his heart, but Patrick Swayze has left this world peacefully, I just read. He was a good dancer and a good actor and he had so much courage to continue working while he was so sick. I really liked the last show he was in...The Beast. He was good in that one. Hopefully he is free of pain and all that goes with pancreatic cancer and is in a much better place.

Ghost, To Wong Foo with Love, Julie Newmar, Point Break, Next of Kin with Liam Neeson, and the never to be forgotten, Dirty Dancing.

God speed, Patrick Swayze. You made my life a little better watching you dance and act. Life will be a little dimmer now that you are gone.


  1. And you know what else. He was a good and faithful husband, who really loved his wife. That is so rare in Hollywood.

  2. Patrick Swayze did seem egocentric and self-indulging, so unlike many in the entertainment industry.

    The Big C is no respector of persons, and he continued as long as he could like most ordinary victims of cancer.

    Yes, I agree with you and others he was a good person.

  3. I really liked him, too, and thought he was good in all his movies. Amber, I don't know a lot about the wars in Eastern, Ky. but I did go on Netflix and order the movie documentary to watch this weekend. I can't remember if I have seen it or not. Thanks for telling me about it.

  4. Hi Amber. I saw a comment you left on Bossy's blog about the new google size and I came over to say hi! I agree with you about Patrick being in a better place. It is really sad isn't it? Hope you have a lovely day!