Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fight a day without cats by watching cat videos all day!

It has been such a long weary day I had to have some cheezeburger cats and especially since some mean websites are suggesting that 9/9/09 be a day without cats or kittehs or even itty bitty kitty committees. So, here are my two favorites for tonight brought to you in true kitteh fashion of ignoring anything anyone wants me to do. I submit these for your viewing enjoyment.

For real this is what was on the cheezeburger website!

"Several rogue websites have declared today, September 9, as a Day Without Cats. In typical cat fashion, we will ignore this ridiculous notion and simply be posting the Best of Cheezburger videos throughout the whole day. Caturday 4ever."

You probably won't see this until the 10th and by then we probably will be victorious over the evil doers"

This is the best flying kitteh cannon ball I've ever seen...notice the tiny little feathers that have attracted the skillful cat's attention.

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For our next selection we have a very hungry itty bitty kitteh that is jes tryin' his best to get to the good word...we actually have had kittens like this and they were so fun.


  1. If there is a day without cats, there must be a day without dogs.

    I shall ignore that, too.

  2. good Lord, that first one looks just like Kate but I am sure she could not get her fat self to jump that

  3. I must have been really tired last night and thought it was still the 9th.

    I wouldn't like a day without dogs, either, NW-1.

    I couldn't believe that picture when I saw it. Maybe you should try one of those littl "fishing poles" with the feather lure. She might love it. I have one on the bookshelf, but no kitty now.

    We are getting RAIN today1

  4. WHY in the WORLD would anyone designate 09 09 09 as a day without CATS??? WHAT is the significance of that??? I'm bewildered...