Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is turning into an epic saga, but here we go again

For those of you who are still with me and my husband and his parent's endless saga it just keeps on getting better and better. aie aie aie I told someone yesterday that it had been too quiet from that part of Fort Worth, like when the kids get too quiet. Most of you will know what that means.

And so it was born out that while we rested for a day one of them took all the pills out of the medicine thing...the one with Sunday through Saturday AM and PM for both of them and sorted them into piles of the same color and put them in the box separated into colors. My husband, I'm sure after nearly having a stroke on his part, sort of got on them a little about it all. He came home all freaked out and called the attorney to get the power of attorney over their health care, so we will be able to put them into an assisted living facility...there went the boat he wanted.

I had noticed the virus scan I use was on the brink of going kerplunk on us so I had to get out pretty early to buy a new one. While I was gone my husband talked to his parents' doc's aide and got some information. Tonight the nurse who was sent out to check on my fil's health called to say he is in very poor condition. DUH...we have been begging for something for him. She also counseled my husband to call adult protective services to be on record that we are doing all we can given our limitations with what we can do. We have hired the lady to come in and clean and be a companion to them, my mil has the home health aide who helps her, and now there will be another nurse to help him get a bath and such. I told my husband to maybe talk with the attorney about that before rattling their cage. One never knows when they might throw us in the clink for not doing more. My husband is an only am I, but I have three half sibs, and someone told me if a person is close enough to give you a kidney they are full kin. And ya know...he is right.

My husband told me his dad doesn't have any sores or anything wrong with his skin. I don't go there with my fil...eww, I don't mind helping my mil, but not my husband's dad. The lady who helps my mil get a bath started the water running for him to bathe, but after a while he came out saying he didn't feel well and just wanted to go back to bed. I think, and so does my hubby, that he may be afraid he will fall. There is a shower seat and there are hand rails around the tub, but it may just scare him too much. My husband isn't into talking much and getting people to open up to him. That may be a life skill he has to learn in a big hurry. He will wish he had when his dad is gone, because his father is a really neat guy. His mother, too, just not quite so much. I was glad to have had the time with my father for the 13 years I helped out with him at the nursing home. We developed a good relationship and it wasn't too late. We shared and told the secrets we had never told each other, but it was ok...none were great big.

Yesterday (Tuesday), I felt well enough to get out and plant the last of the plants I'd bought recently and they look really nice. I love getting a great deal on a plant that will come back. I'll try to get some pictures up very soon. I just haven't had time to get time to fool with them. I love sweet potato vine but it will go when it gets cold...long time yet though. It covers a lot of sins and protects some of the plants I got in the wrong places...too much sun.

Oh top off everything today after going to Arlington to get the antivirus software, I was tooling down the interstate on my way home in my car with my tres cool cd up loud and me singing along and I heard the most God awful noise. I nearly had a runaway thinking the car was going to blow up or something. I pulled over to the shoulder, turned on the hazard lights and started to call my husband to come help me. That is when I remembered that my daughter had changed the ring tone on my cell phone...I heard it that time for sure! It was my sister calling to tell me my sister in law's father had just died. I think maybe I should have forwarded on more of those "If you love Jesus..." emails cuz this just ain't no fun.

And to be a total bundle of joy and sunshine even Garrison Keillor had a mild stroke today. I would so hate it if he couldn't do the "Prairie Home Companion" radio show. I was thinking about that the other day when I watched the movie again. My husband and I have listened to that wonderful show presented by Powdermilk Biscuits for practically since it fits and bursts, but it is like coming home to family when we remember to turn the radio on while I'm cooking Saturday dinner.

PS-Dooce is going to be on The Bonnie Hunt show tomorrow, Thursday, to show one of those Kardashian girls how to change a diaper. That should be so freakin' funny. *rolling my eyes* Sometime just drop by her blog. She is a character. I have my tivo set up...because Lord knows what the 'morrow will bring.


  1. It's probably way past time to get them into a retirement home. It is way past dangerous now. Tell Hubby to take 1 week and just do it. You will all sleep so much better at night.
    My Hubby's Dad was in assisted living. It was a small home environment and he really thrived there. It can be a good thing.

  2. Maribeth we know that and it isn't that we aren't doing evrything we can to get them into assisted living.

  3. Oh thank goodness! I think maybe I have the comment thing back to where it needs to be for easy posting/commenting YAY

    PS-my husband is with the attorney as we speak. It isn't that we are lollygagging around about this, it is that we can put them in and they can say they want to go home and from what we have been told they can just leave. They are very hostile when it comes to even talking about going to assisted living.

  4. I'm sO glad to hear you're finally getting it! It is sooo overdue! Once you have that, and get them in, it will be sO much better! I know what ya mean about the BOAT though! Mom will be with us as long as I don't have to change diapers... but when it get's to that point, I'm pretty sure I'll be bowing out gracefully! I can pretty much handle anything else! Her latest thing is ... the last 3 days we've gone out to run our errands, and when we get home, I'll start to get out of the car and she'll say "I'll just sit here and wait for you, okay?" The first day I said if you WANT to and she sat in the car for 40 minutes until she decided she needed to use the bathroom. Then she came and knocked on the door and when I opened it she ASKED if she could use my potty! I let her! The last two days I've just told her to get out the car! You LIVE here! Honestly...

    Oh... by the way... I just LOVE you! If we EVER get the chance to meet, you can just be as weird as you want! I'll be weird too! K?

  5. This Saga leaves me speechless-oops--nearly wordless!

    Sorting pills by color? In 36 years as a pharmacist that is a new one--thought I had heard everything and sometime I may write some funnies I've encountered--funny but dangerous. How were they taking them? White- a.m., pink-noon, blue-p.m.? etc/

    You are right. If FIL & MIL go voluntarily to a facilty they also can leave voluntarily.

    The Town where I live has 55% of population above 60. State protective agency gets called here so often, they need to open up a permaanent branch office.

  6. Melli we are getting some real training in how to act all weird and if we are not already goofy enough. I don't drink so I can be the designated driver if anyone does want to.

    NW-1, you know those pill boxes that are for MONDAY AM and my husband puts in the b/p pill that is say blue and the cholesterol pill that is say get it now I'm sure. When he looked at the box MONDAY AM had all the blue ones and MONDAY PM had all the yellow ones, and on and on.

    It will still take some time to get all this rolling and Thank God you friends are understanding.