Thursday, September 24, 2009

The new provider blues...

Thank goodness things have finally calmed down here at midnight. We switched internet and tv providers today and oh my! That was a lot of learning for my husband and for me and for the poor techs who were trying to talk us through a lot of stuff. I've got a handle on some of the things and am hopelessly lost on others. It will come with time and YAY! it is Friday tomorrow and there is nothing on our calendar. We won't know how to act and on top of that the sun is supposed to shine and keep on being cooler.

We finally gave in and stopped taking the newspaper. It had reached a point where it was becoming costly and I get most of my news from the internet now anyway. I know it is a hard way to make a living or to stretch another paycheck. I feel sort of guilty reading my local news online. One of the main reasons was that the newspaper was coming in the front, having the bag removed in the kitchen and then going straight to the recycle bin. That is wasteful on many fronts.

Our daughter may be moving to another position after only being there less than a month. Her boss suggested she put in for it and so she did. She has done well in the interviews and will hear something probably next week. I'm sure her boss wasn't trying to get rid of her. He knows she is great in a crisis and works well with him. She would still have contact with that part of the business, but will get paid a lot more. She did a switch on me today. The cable guy was working on the outside and had to leave for some reason. We decided to run out and grab a burger and we were really gone only a short time. While we were eating my cell started ringing and she was all like "Where have you been!! Is everything ok???" It was and it is. I love it when they try to mother us a little.

Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and give a thought to your poor friends trying to figure out how to set favorites and why a show isn't in HD and how about that new email! I sent an email from one of the many I have to let our friends know ours had changed. In about three minutes I was already getting mail (jokes) from some of our nutty friends. It is like that email that says "Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you today." I am so grateful for our real life friends and for our internet friends, too.

I may go out and buy P!nk's new cd...some of the songs I really like. Probably I'd better be getting a move on to get clothes all settled for my husband's high school reunion. I have some new things and may need a couple of other new things. I'm still wondering what the heck is a casual dinner at the Country Club is, but I asked a woman I've become friends with in his class and she said she expected folks to show up in anything including sweats to formals. She has a great sense of humor and I really like her. She and a couple of others planned this huge thing, but they had to do it without my friend Barbara who didn't quite make it. She died last December and is missed so much. Bless her sweet heart.

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  1. Hi Amber Star!

    Time for a new provider. It's always been so traumatic for me to change that I hang on to the current one until the service is absolutely unbearable before I change. Glad this new one is beginning to work ouit for you.

    Best wishes,


  2. You are so brave to switch. I usually have to move before I switch. My current provider is a good one so I have been happy!

  3. Dennis and I should really stop taking the paper... except for Sundays! We both enjoy the Sunday paper. The weekly paper rarely gets read - although some days Mom sits and pretends to read it almost all day. I guess that's worth something!

    We changed internet providers when we went with DSL... Chesapeake wasn't offering yet in this area, and so we switched to Comcast - but it was very painless! We really didn't have many differences that I noticed. I absolutely LOVE Comcast though! They are sO reliable!

    I'm sure you will be dressed just fine for that dinner! I can't wait to hear about it!

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