Friday, September 25, 2009

A close call

It appears we nearly bought the farm yesterday in Dallas. A terrorist tried to set off a bomb in a truck in a downtown office building. Fortunately it was an FBI sting operation and he was not given a real bomb.

We have become complacent, since no huge attacks have happened after 9-11. My most profound thank you to the FBI agents for being brave and in touch with all that we do not know about. The Yahoo news page says there were attacks scheduled for all over the country, including New York.

If you haven't seen the story you can read it here:
and here

It is time for me to start getting my grab and go backpacks and shelter in place supplies replenished. They are a good thing to have even if it is only for the aftermath of a tornado and not terrorist related. I think we have used most of the duct tape for other purposes. My husband may get that generator he has wanted for so long. Funny how my mind shifted gears in the instant I read these articles. We saw the headline on the news last night, but missed the actual news coverage. My priority is still to find some really cool shoes to wear to the reunion and not new hiking boots for now anyway.


  1. I think "we the people" have become complacent - and I LIKE it like that! As long as the government is doing IT's job - and NOT becoming complacent - then "we the people" should continue living our lives as though we are in a SAFE society! I don't have ANY intention of living like I'm afraid of something... nor of actually BEING afraid of anything. In other words... I'm trusting God. :)

  2. I just made a facetious comment to a fellow city official that my impression is citizens would just as soon have all regulations rescinded, all committees and commissions de-commissioned, all public officials resign or recalled, and articles of incorporation dischsrged (I think that requires a vote) and the we'll have anarchy.

    My husband and neighbor have enough guns for an armory and we have a hideyhole bunker plus one very vicious (HA HA ) dog to protect ourselves!

    Then my blood pressure might return to normal and I could breathe a little easier.

  3. Melli,
    As long as ther are terrorists intent on killing me and mine, I will try to keep a sharp eye out for suspisious activity. Your plan is ok, but if that is it,then where was God on 9/11/01? God was there, as well as, those who chose their free will to do us harm. I love being able to go and do as I please, but I plan on living with caution. Just like I wouldn't go walking in deep woods barefoot if I had shoes.

    I am truly not a fan of guns at all, but a shotgun might be something I could handle. It has a fearsome sound in the middle of the night when it is dark and spooky. That racking sound would make some reconsider their intent.
    If someone is coming to harm my husband, me, or any child of mine they better think again.

    We don't even have a cat anymore to protect us.