Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black Day

Yesterday and today have been very black days healthwise. I got the results from the physical and the it is not a happy picture right now. The osteoporosis is much worse in my spine, but surprisingly better in the hip. That is the bright news. The lipid panel was as dismal as I've ever had. So much for quitting smoking. All the dire warnings about smoking have come true, except I haven't smoked in a year and a half. Oh well, it is time to go pick up the prescriptions for the out of control triglycerides and decreased HDL (all this has been fine for many years including last year of smoking) and one of the scrips is for nicotinic acid. Go figure. Also, my cat is going to LOVE me. The only osteoporosis treatment I would agree to is a nasal spray made of salmon. There were just too many drawbacks with Fosamax, such as osteonecrosis of the jaw where you lose the bottom jaw and that would be just so inconvient with trying to eat and all. So anyway, onward and upward.

And if you are coming to my blog and getting pops, I have done NOTHING to make them be there. Some people have stopped coming by because of that. I have to say I don't have the skills to hijack anyone with an annoying pop. So, come if you will or not. This apparently is only for me to post my joys and sadness to the universe with no hope of hearing anything back.


  1. A year ago I thought my life was over. I was 50+ pounds over weight, my cholesterol was dismal and my blood sugar doing all sorts of bad things. I was depressed.
    My New Years resolution was to get things under control and get well.
    I joined Weight Watchers and then started taking care of me.
    six months later I am well, and happy with me.
    Sometimes I think it is all a mind thing.

  2. WHO stopped coming? I said I WOULDN'T stop. Btw, no pop up bothered me this visit. And I am certain it is some other trigger, not you.

  3. Did you get a copy of the request I put in to Blogger to look into why your blog comments are triggering pops? Hopefully someone will respond... But we ALL know it's not your fault! I would write to Blogger yourself though and explain the problem from your account.

    I'm so sorry about the news of your osteo... but don't go SMOKIN' again! Sheeeesh - imagine how much worse it would be if you WERE still smokin'! Surely even with all this you must FEEL better - your lungs 'n all! What's the nicotinic acid for???

    I wonder if one of Mom's medications does that jaw thing too? Her lower jaw is awfully wobbly. Gettin' old just sucks! Even for those of us that aren't THERE yet!

  4. Melli,
    The nicotinic acid is to lower the triglycerides. Mine are SKY HIGH right now. They are scary high, but I'll get it down and not start smoking again even though my daughter says everyone she knows who has quit has died within a few years. Ah hell.


  5. Good luck. This my first visit to your blog; you have such a human voice! I mean that in a kind way.

    Best of luck with taking care of your health. When you are getting hungry, walk through the produce section or visit your local farmer's market. There's your best medicine. Especially if you get sunshine and a walk along the way.

    Keep writing.