Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Precious Day 11

I keep my rings and watch in this little black box when I take them off for the evening. It makes it so easy to find them in the morning....and I just love this little box with its jet black mirrors and little shiny beads.

I think I must have been a crow in a past life or something...I love shiny stuff so much.

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  1. Mom always takes her rings and watch off to sleep too. I've never done that... my watch and rings stay on alllllllll the time. Odd, the habits we create, huh? That IS a pretty little box! I completely FORGOT to do a project black today... hm!

  2. I love the crow line. Made me laugh. But maybe you do have "Crow medicine." Thought you might enjoy this. In any case, It's a cool box and a nice shiny black thing for other shiny things.

  3. You know, pack rats like shiny things, too! ;)

    Your little box is great -- a disco box for your jewelry!