Saturday, July 5, 2008

Taking care of vegetarians or how to attain sainthood

Whew....I'm already worn out with cooking. One of our friend's and her husband were in a car accident a couple of days ago. They are out of the hospital now so I cooked some things for them. She is a vegetarian and he isn't, and the people at their church just don't understand about that.

They brought over some chicken and vegetables from Boston Market and she ate the vegetables and he picked at the chicken, she told me. She sounded hungry while I was listening to her so I started cooking last night with some carrot cupcakes with extra crushed pineapple and raisins. There are some eggs in that mix (like 4), but hopefully she won't care. But that was the only slip and it is only a slip if she is total doesn't eat eggs or milk.

I made vegetarian stock for the black bean soup. I wasn't that impressed with vegan black bean soup, but maybe it is better with some chips in it and some tomatoes on top. Actually, I'd would have put some pico de gallo on it, too. I thought it called for a lot of cumin...1 tbls. That is a LOT, in my opinion. However, she called to say how much she liked it. I hope she really does likes it, because it is a good dish and nutritious, too...the beans and corn make a complete protein and that is really hard to get on a vegan diet. I tried it ages ago while I was taking a nutrition class in college, and I didn't last too long. Too much calculating and figuring what together makes a complete you get from a steak. I went back.

Here is the link for the stock if you ever need any, it is pretty good.

Made some penne with fire roasted peppers and olives for my friend, too. Man, I love that stuff. I make it for us from time to time, so that wasn't a whole new ballgame. And I have fresh basil in my little herb garden. yay! I even put some grated pecorino cheese with black truffles for the penne in a separate little baggie...just in case she doesn't do dairy.

Another friend called to give my husband some information for his newsletter for one of the groups to which we belong. When I told her the story about the other couple she told me she had cataract surgery last Friday. She got two cupcakes.

We got the rest of the cupcakes, because we lost a dear friend last Sunday after six weeks in intensive care after a car accident. The funeral was Friday, so I comforted us, too. He will be missed.

And, there is enough stuff for us to have black bean soup tonight, and for my in laws, too. We are rich in black bean soup right now. Hubby has gone to take the soup and some cupcakes over to his parents and I just got out of the shower and am going to turn the a/c down and hop on the sofa and watch some tv. I've done my saint thing for the day and it is now time to rest and read or watch tv. I think everyone is taken care of, or at least has something to eat.


  1. I could have used some of that soup! OC and I went to church this morning to fold bulletins -- usually a quick job -- and ended up being there for about 3 hours. We'd shared a papaya for breakfast and it was an hour past lunchtime when we drug our famished selves out of the office.

    Tomorrow the new pastor comes, so we're having a special service. Plus tomorrow is first Sunday and we always have a combined service (all three congregations have one Large outdoor worship service) so OC and I ended up making and folding 525 pieces, including special music.

  2. Awwwwwww... God is sO smiling on you! You have been an angel to many this weekend! I know your vegan friend REALLY appreciates your care in seeing to her needs! I'm not big on black beans... but I appreciate your care too! :)