Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dolly is no sweetheart

Hurricane Dolly is causing havoc along the Texas coast with sustained winds of 100 mph. Fields are flooded and tornadoes are occuring. My friend in Galveston says so far they have only regular rain, but will keep me updated. She has to go into Houston today. That is scary on sunny dry days.

Just talked with my daughter and she is fine in Kemah...near Galveston. I was concerned about the storm surge.

The eye will cross the Texas Mexico border in the next little bit and the winds will shift to the other direction.

Here is a link to the yahoo newstory about the hurricane


  1. News of these big storms always leaves me tense. It;s worse when someone I care about lives in their path. I hope you and yours stay safe -- and everyone else, as well!

  2. MAN! It is EARLY in the season too! WoW! My niece was in South Padre' LAST week on vacation! I'm so glad it was LAST week, and not THIS one!

  3. Hi Amber, Thanks for the comments on my blog. Please come back anytime. I will check out the Mennonite link on your page. I have been following the storm on t.v. and glad your daughter is o.k.