Saturday, July 12, 2008

Project black-Day 3

This little radio has been with me for more than 35 years. It has been there for listening, for taking with me to the school while waiting to pick up kids so I could hear the last of my soap, and it has entertained me with everything from country western to opera while I painted innumerable rooms over the years (you can see little paint flecks on the front of it), and it has been there to tell me just how bad the weather really is during a storm. It has a NOAA weather radio switch on it. This was truly one of the coolest portable radios, ever and it entertained me many nights when there was nothing on tv....before cable. It has a TV band, AM and FM music band, and public band. I used to could listen to police calls on it. I hadn't really thought about how old it was until last year someone noticed it in my office and commented on how they used to have one like it AGES ago. Oh my...everything I use is getting to be antique.

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  1. New things do not last so long! Have a nice weekend..:)

  2. I had one of those! I used it to listen to TV when I was camping. Do you remember, "Hardcastle & McCormick?"

  3. Quilly,
    I don't remember that series, but you can purchase the first season on amazon. *grin*

  4. LOL! I NEVER had one of those! But my old roommate did! That WAS a long while back! It's nice that your PB's have a little "story" to them!