Monday, July 21, 2008

Project black patio things-all done, over, kaput

Was sort of surprised when Anna announced the end of Project Black, but it was fun. I still have a bunch of pictures, but will re-title them and you will see them anyway. *grin

This is a black wrought iron garden swing my daughter gave me for Mother's Day one year and I keep it on the patio, because the cushions aren't it matters that much right now here where we are in droughtland again.

My sophisticated black cat

She gave me this little black cat that is sitting on one of the tables keeping watch over the backyard. Below is where he usually lives under the caladiums

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Project Black entries.


  1. I was startled by the unannounced ending of Project Black, but not really surprised to see it go. Obviously Anna is very busy. She only visited my site the first few days of the project.

  2. Oh! I adore that wrought iron swing your daughter gave you. I would curl up there and read. Is there a table nearby to set my iced tea glass on?