Sunday, July 6, 2008

Somewhere in translation

Our new little lime squeezer with a good soul (and no it did not come in that box)

I love shopping in ethnic markets and in Texas they are usually Mexican. On some things you can get a really good deal and sometimes that market is the only place you will find some things. I love new gadgets for the kitchen, and that is usually why I can't find a lot of my gadgets. That's ok...hubby loves those As Seen On TV things. So, while we were at a local market the other day my daughter and I found lime squeezers and we both went a little nuts for a minute, and then high fived each other. She had been wanting one, too. They are handy as heck to squeeze lime juice for say limeades or maybe margaritas. Who knows the uses are many and the tool is easy to use. I had tried to get the writing on the box so it could be seen, but it was not to be. After we got home hubby got my best Spanish dictionary so we could try to decode it. There is not one word of English on the box and I shall treasure it for that. On the side that is white it says:

Exprimidor Para Limones (Lime/Lemon Squeezer) Ha..we are on a roll so far!

Exprimidor con alma de Acero (Squeezer with a soul/heart of steel) How wonderful is that!

A very loyal lime squeezer for sure! The literal translation of alma is (n.) soul, spirit; heart; lifeblood. What a fine squeezer...I'm amazed we were able to purchase this amazing tool for only $2.59 with that much going on with it.

Another thing that is just as cute as can be is that everywhere there is an O they have replaced it with a little picture of a lime. That is so sweet.

However, when I turned the package again it says:

Fabricado de Polipropileno con refuerzo de acero. Made of polypropolene and reinforced with steel. Ah well, it still has a heart of steel to me. I love it for what it is.

Hecho en Mexico esta bien conmigo.


  1. LOL! I just saw one of them in the grocery store the other day - and I ALMOST bought it - and then didn't. But I probably will! I love kitchen gadgets too! Though I don't make nearly ENOUGH margaritas! (I should do something about that!)

  2. Hmmm, and I squeeze my lemons and limes with my hands. How primitive is that?

  3. Maybe it means you're squeezing the soul out of the LIME???? OMG,they have soul.
    More than I can say for an ex of mine. ;)