Monday, July 28, 2008

hot, hot and more hot

Have I said how very HOT it is here this week. It was 105F yesterday and headed for that again today. We are laying low and keeping it dark in the house to try keeping the a/c from over heating. Maybe the "frigid" pool would be a good option, but the house is a mess today and I do need to clean.It is going to be hot all week with no rain or relief in sight at all.

To see the unbearable hottness of it all click here at NOAA.

Maybe a trip back to Ruidoso in New Mexico in the mountains would be nice and cool. I think all the cruises to Alaska are booked. But I may look anyway.


  1. How can you have that kind of heat and the pool still be frigid? Our pool here is at about 70 daily. When the wind is blowing that seems cold, but the rest of the time it is wonderful!

  2. Hmmm... I'm trying to figure out how Quilly's pool stay's that cool ... they must add ice! Luz's apartment pool feels like a bathtub - it drives me crazy! (but on cooler days, it's nice!)

    I DID get a new car! But we didn't trade in the monster truck... we couldn't get anything for it -- and besides, I want to keep IT for Tammy to drive! She is NOT driving my NEW car!

    I wish I could plan spur of the moment vacations! You can get SUCH good deals on them!

  3. The pool is cold because it is a diving pool and hence deep. The pool sweep stirs up the colder water down deep and brings it to the surface. Actually pool temp of about 84 is really comfy. But when there is such a difference in the air temp and the pool temp it is a shock. I just hate jumping in, but it is really the best way.

  4. It has been nice here for the first time in a while. We had a much needed rain this morning. We were really dry and my yard was getting where it crunched when you walked on it. Maybe, it will head your way from here. I hope so.