Monday, July 21, 2008

Riding the Black Wave ....microwave that is

The microwave in my kitchen is black

If you look closely you can the reflection of the back yard and me and my black camera reflected in my black microwave.

This is the black and burgundy prayer rug that is in front of the can't see it in the reflection in the is there so I can pray the food comes out fit to eat.

When I turn around I can see out the kitchen window over the black and brushed chrome weather husband's that is. That is coleus in a glass. It makes a cute little bouquet and the stems will root in the water making other plants for this fall.
My Aunt taught me that trick about how to root them in a glass of water. She was a wonderful gardener and so is my cousin...her granddaughter.

To the left is the cat, the real one, sprawled out on the chair at the head of the table on her back and the leaf bag that didn't get put away yet.

On the right is a seating area...Neither, the rocking chair nor the big rattan chair's cushions aren't on them...well, because there was a slight risk of rain the other night...and we are slackers for not getting them back out there. The shadows are going to have to count for the black part in this shot, though.

If you look really closely you can see the window screen. I was wondering why the picture looked a little funny. That is why.

There is still so much to be done out there, but we have gotten a lot sorted out this summer. We can make plans for getting it back the way I want it and better this winter when it is too cold to do anything else.

This was already set up for Project Black which is over now...but I still like the pictures.
I'll get back to posting my ramblings later in the week....for now I'm riding the wave if the rest of the project black pictures.

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