Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to semi normal today

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The last of the kids left today after a wonderful weekend of shopping and eating and having a good time. I'm sure I bored them to death with useless trivia like the above I find on the internet. They were good sports about it all, though.

This Thursday is my mother in law's 90th birthday and I made an appointment for her with my hairdresser for a day of girl stuff. Haircut, and maybe some color that we can keep up with at home and who knows...maybe go all out and get manicures. I told my husband he has to take his dad somewhere while we are there, because it is just not cool for the guys to be in the salon. It is truly a girly thing and we are going to make the most of it. Then they can take us out for dinner.
That is a guy thing.

My guy truly truly loves me more than most anything and I told him so today. For my birthday he and my daughter got me cases to put my knitting needles in, but she got a tote, too. So, we took the one he got me back to Hobby Lobby today and while he waited in the ONE line for returns I looked around at yarn and stuff. When I came back up to the front of the store he was still waiting and not so patiently at that point in time. That is when I told him that was truly an act of love.

The weekend before last I signed up for knitting classes as continuing education at T.C.U. HA!
There are four classes of two hours each for a total of 8 hours and ninety hours of looking for a parking place. I told my one true love he might be taking me and picking me up from class. It really is a nightmare finding a parking place, but they did send the parking permit so I won't get a ticket for being on campus. I looked at the new Vogue knitting magazines today and it was ever so cool. It was the fall knitting one and they had the hugest mittens on the cover. I might could make them. Who knows. There were many very fetching little sweaters and coats in the magazine, too.

I saw on "Crazy Aunt Purl's" blog the other night that one of the high end designers, DKNY, had put hand warmers on the cover model. She was freakishly built so one didn't really notice the wicked cool hand warmers. I got all excited about that, mainly because it did not involve the whole thumb thing that mittens entail. I figured leg warmers aka hand warmers would be a piece of cake compared to that whole mitten thing. Crazy Aunt Purl had a tutorial on making mittens this summer. The fact that she lives in LA had nothing to do with wanting to knit them. For some reason I totally understand that.

The last chore for the day was a meeting of the neighborhood association's board to see if we wanted to ratify a contract that is 11 pages single spaced in the smallest type face I've ever seen. They need an answer by Wednesday. I gave it to hubby when I came
in to interpret. He is good with that stuff and I am not so much.

I've missed blogging and setting up stuff to post on the timer has ruined me as far as knowing what I'll be blogging about from day to day. We will see what the morrow brings. Ha! I even set up a Ruby Tuesday one to post...you know...just in case I didn't make it back.

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