Friday, August 8, 2008

Joshua Won!!

My favorite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance won tonight. Half a million, and a role in the Step Up 3 movie that is going to be in 3D....guess who will be going to see it! The really wild part is I knew he was from Fort Worth, but he is from an area just a few miles from where I live.

I'm very happy for him and think all the finalists will go far. They were all wonderful dancers.

They did have the dance off with the poppers and Robert Muraine won that. He has such a wonderful way of controlling his body and he loves his dance style so much. He is just amazing.
Another thing I liked about this season's show is the judges. It is so incongrous to see a woman who is not in her 20s by a while talk about how hard it was to find someone to teach her how to Pop dance. All the judges and the correographers are so bright eyed, and smart, and so understand their craft. I can't wait for next season already.

Dancing with the Stars is ok, but they don't have the experience of the dancers on SYTYCD. I'm in the mood to get out my Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly DVDs and watch them. I thought Donald O'Conner was just the best when I was a kid. I loved it when he and Gene Kelly danced together. I guess my love of dance has been a life long thing. They really were that good!


  1. How exciting! I used to love to dance. I did not watch this program but will have to tune in next time they have another season of it. I copied the poem below and sent it to my son and his wife. It reminds me so much of them with their little boy. He is only a year old. They have only been married a couple of years and both were almost 40 when they married. He is just their everything and mine, too. My only grandchild!

  2. Oh, now I TOTALLY agree about the ol' timers! They really COULD dance! But I can understand your appreciation for the youngsters too! Talent is talent and GOOD talent is always fun to watch! I think we need to get YOU a new handle ... somethin' like "Granny Pops!" ROFL!!! YEA! Your grandson would LOVE it!