Thursday, August 14, 2008

more crafting stuff

When I was buying embroidery floss for my many craft projects this hot summer, I picked up this tote bag while checking out. The thought was to put some very fancy schmancy embroidery on it and then I'd be so very cool when shopping. Well, the canvas was too stiff to get the embroidery hoops around and everything came to a halt. Then when looking around for some other stuff I found is called jean-e-ology and you iron on the embroidery!

So what was a very plain bag turned out like this...sort of fancy schmancy...well... sort of.

Anyway, the other day when I went to have lunch with my friend who is moving to St. Francis Village and she wanted to show me some of the items she had bought for her new front porch and back deck. We went to Pier 1 and she showed me and then bought some new barstools to go with the pub table she already had. She and the cashier asked me if there was anything I'd found that I wanted and there it was...big as life.

The pillow of my embroidery dreams for $8.98 marked down from $30. I'd probably spent $20 on floss and needles and here it is and with a zipper in the back to boot! God sure gets a kick out of us, doesn't He. I can still get started on my other making an embroidered pillow...very similar to this one...or not so much.

I've still got the makings for something pretty


  1. Love your tote bag and it looks wonderful since you dressed it up. The pillow is beautiful and what a buy you made.

  2. Looks like you've got PLENTY of makin's! My eyes hurt just lookin' at it! I haven't knitted for a few days now - partly cuz I've been to busy -- but partly cuz it started blurring my vision!!! THIS could be a problem! One of these days I guess I'm gonna have to give in to Lasik... *sigh* That pillow is beautiful! What a find! I was just in Pier 1 the other day too -- I thought it would be a GREAT place to HUNT DRAGONS - I didn't find a bloomin' ONE in there! Go figure... LOL! (lots of giraffes though...)

  3. Oh I love the tote and the pillow is so pretty. You know since all my eye surgery I haven't done anything that requires fine detail because my close up vision isn't that good. Now I have a reason to just keep window shopping until I find what I want! Hihi!!
    My daughter says she is enjoying Huston. She says it is blissfully hot....and dry! She comes back tomorrow.

  4. Second attempt to post -- open id won't allow me to post. It keeps telling me to sign in. I AM flippin' signed in! Grrr ... all these "newer and better" ideas usually really mean newer and better was to frustrate people!

    Okay. I'm over it.

    I love to embroider. I took it up when I was 14 or so, and have created more projects than I can even remember -- most of which I've given away.

    Seeing your floss kit made me want to jump up and run off to the store, but I know better. Anymore, it is all I can do just to sew a button on a shirt. It seems I have inherited my grandmother's arthritis. My knuckles and joints can't stand the stress of fine handwork. I miss it.

    Make something beautiful and share it with us. I will enjoy by watching you.