Friday, August 22, 2008

Reflections Day 7

Light reflecting onto and off of a drawing by Bill Rabbit, a Cherokee artist. I bought this back in 1990 at a fair somewhere around here. It doesn't feel like we were in New Mexico when I bought it. I do remember that it was a very good time in my life and the drawing made me happy. The name of the drawing is "The Price of Peppers", I think or I just made that up or something. He has several on the web page that are similar, but with different themes. The artist signed it for me and his signature is a rabbit with an artist palette. I think the link goes to his website...if not there is someone who draws very much like him.

The pot in the lower left corner of the drawing is a Santa Clara style of Indian pottery that I like very much. This one he has drawn has a rabbit carved into the pot. You can't really see it from this angle, and maybe I'll brush up on my pottery knowledge and take a better picture of it. I have a couple of pieces. My husband nearly fainted when he saw the price on the bottom of the one he just now looked at. I'd left it on the piece. There is a little Minnie Pearl in me, too. And the photo on the shelf is of my in laws.

My computer room is very eccletic and I see no problem with bear totems, Celtic crosses, regular crosses, Madonnas, rosaries and Mexican candles all together. It is all part of my spirit. I'll take a picture of it when I get it cleaned up some. Right now it has gotten into a mess again.

Reflect This is being hosted by Quilly It runs for one week. If you want to play along, drop by her place and sign up on Mr. Linky and put up your reflections.


  1. I see nothing wrong with an eclectic mix either! Ya know... by the time we get done with the "country" thing, the "scandinavian" thing, the "early american" thing and the (ugh) "mediterranean" thing... we've collected a lot of things! Then we just settle in to a wonderful mix of the FEW that we really enjoy! And trash the rest... right? I THINK that's what I'm in the midst of doing anyway....

  2. A reflection you don't ordinarily think of!
    A too like bears, totems, celtic crosses - I try to make it fit as well as possible.

  3. I love these glimpses into your home. I don't collect things by any theme other than the one that makes my heart happy. The mix that makes up your home doesn't seem odd to me, it is just an extension of the uniqueness that is you.

    I have a friend (born and raised in Oklahoma) who has a huge Bill Rabbit painting over her fireplace. Every time I go to her house I stop and stare and wish it were mine. I would likely do that with yours as well. He puts a bit of magic on the canvas.

  4. I love an eclectic mix and you have some great stuff. That's an interesting reflection in the painting. This has been a fun challenge to visit and take part in.

  5. Bark!! Good pikture! I liked visiting you fur all these reflections.

  6. Good reflections again. This has been fun to travel around the world, visiting other people and seeing their reflections.

    I'm hosting a Photo Challenge at my blog. Come on over and check it out.