Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ninety years ...

Feeling much better today thank goodness and sugar free candy and LOTS of water worked. I called my dentist's office and they, the receptionist, had never heard or seen anything like it. Right before I left to run by his office I used the waterpick and I think it knocked the thing loose. The candy caused the parotid glad to swell at the dentist's office, but it didn't stay ballooned up like before. There was some disappointment, but my dentist checked for stones or any growths and told me to continue the sugarless candy/lots of water regimine....he had tickets to a Bob Dylan concert in Oklahoma and needed to get to the airport. He cracks me up.

Today is my mil's 90th birthday and I made an appointment to get her hair done this afternoon. She is excited to go. She doesn't get out much these days. We are going to get something to eat afterward. Kids are coming to their house to celebrate her birthday after they get off work. Hubby and I went out yesterday and picked up some new duds for her. She really wants to go to Houston to see the oldest grand daughter's house, so she will have some comfortable things to wear when we go. Today will be sort of a test to see if she can manage. She will have to get out of the car and walk a bit every hour or so while we are driving. She had a blood clot in her leg this past spring and her doc said it would be about 6 months before it resolves. That's why we will be walking her around so good for us, too. She is extremely strong willed so we will see how far we get with the walking. Her hip joint is worn out and it is painful, but the walking around will be the price of passage.

Have a wonderful day and after my son's birthday on September 6th it will be smooth sailing for a while.


  1. I think you MIL is doing great to be UP walking at 90 years old! Especially with a bad hip... geez! By 90 shouldn't ya get some kinda break on that??? I guess not if ya also have blood clots. (i better start remembering to take my aspirin!) OY!

    Glad your cheek is doing better!

  2. I am glad you are feeling better today. WOW 90 and out and about like that. Hope she is able to enjoy her trip and the visit to the hairdressers.

  3. I still want to be up to traveling when I am 90! I sure am glad you're feeling better.

  4. They ended up operating on Mandy yesterday and removing a tooth and going in and draining the cyst in her cheek. She is doing better and was able to go home this afternoon.
    Glad you are on the upswing too!