Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hot knitting

Have been so away from the computer for the past few days, but we have food to eat now and the house is way cleaner, too. My daughter came over late this afternoon for the knitting lesson. The lesson today was casting on and I was having some trouble showing her how, so we turned to the computer for knowledge. This young woman has the best tips for casting on I've ever seen. I'm casting on like her from now on, even if it isn't her favorite way. Here is a link to the you tube about How To Cast On.

It is so hot here right now I can hardly believe it or even think about it. Today it was 103 and tomorrow it is supposed to be 105 or 106 with a heat index of 110 to 115 through Monday. We are just going to slow down even more and watch tv, read, and I'm going to knit some Christmas gifts. Hey, can you have to many scarves in the winter? The ones I've made in the past week have all been in the garter stitch, because you don't have to think very much while knitting it and I needed to get the feel for knitting back. I did a little sampler today to show my daughter how each stich looks and I think she is going to like making some knitted scarves for herself and friends. She told her boyfriend she is going to knit him a coozie for his beer can. He got really tickled at that. She is coming back tomorrow for her next lesson...actually knitting. She is going at a pace that is comfortable for her and that is fine for me. We even made a trip to the yarn shop to look around. She is starting with an inexpensive man made yarn before she goes on to the natrual fibers she prefers.

I just found instructions to make a basketweave scarf that sounds fun and I have plenty of yarn to make it. Now I need to go to the other computer so the instructions can to be printed out. I don't have a wireless printer and after reading OC's review of the one he has, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting one.

Anyway, that is what we have been doing the past few days. Hubby has his work cut out finding where there is a leak in the sprinkler system. The good part is he could turn the system off this morning at the source when he noticed part of the yard was flooded. We have it narrowed down to one corner and it is either the faucet I had put in to be able to water the very back part of the yard or one of the sprinkler heads. If it is a junction, then that is a little more complicated, but they have the parts at Home Depot now. That helps a lot when something goes wrong.


  1. I've got to check out this link for casting on. I'm trying to learn to knit and I am determined!

  2. I think I might let you teach ME to knit while you teach your daughter! I've got some yarn -- I'll just need to get some needles! Maybe this afternoon! Oh boy! You mighta started something! LOL!

  3. I would say, "me, too" but I have incomplete sewing projects and I know me, if I start one without finishing the other, the other never will finish ....