Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Refletions-Day 3

more cat pictures

To ponder is also to reflect on a thought.

transitive verb 1 : to weigh in the mind : appraise <pondered their chances of success> 2 : to think about : reflect on <pondered the events of the day> intransitive verb : to think or consider especially quietly, soberly, and deeply

Reflect This is being hosted by QuillyIt runs for one week. If you want to play along, drop by her place and sign up on Mr. Linky and put up your reflections.


  1. Love that picture. The cat looks totally into his pondering!

  2. I had that definition in mind but couldn't decide how to do it - you did it quite well!
    I'm a cat lover and this imge is so cute!

  3. that's one reflective kitty!
    great use of the theme.

  4. Adorable shot of the reflecting cat.

  5. I am ROTFLOL! This is wonderful. Thank you! What a great pick me up.

    I suppose I could chide you with the admonition that you were to use only your own photography, but I won't cause this is just too cute for words! Great use of the theme.