Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SYTYCD and a Bollywood Extravaganza all on one page

Taking a break from the dizzying world of knitting*, I would once again like to talk about my favorite show this summer...well, other than "The Closer" and "Saving Grace" and that would be "So You Think You Can Dance". Tonight is the first of the finals and my favorite dancer, Joshua will be dancing. He is from my home town and he is absolutely the best male dancer on the show and maybe the best dancer overall. He is very strong and seems to learn the most complex dance moves with little difficulty. I think he is awesome and so hope he wins this competition. He is 19 years old and when he talks you can see the teenage boy, but when he dances he is on a whole other level. He has had almost no professional training, and was street dancing here...somewhere. Lord knows where that could be around Fort Worth.

His page on the SYTYCD website is here. If you even remotely like dancing watch the show tonight. It comes on at 7 central on Fox.

In other dance/singing news**, Snoop Dog is in a movie called "Singh Is King", and apparently helped correograph it, too. It is a Bollywood, Indian, production filmed in Australia. I just love the song, and here is the You Tube of "Singh is Kinng". I'm hopeless...I've got to see this movie sometime....probably after it comes to dvd. It looks so fun and if the songs are all as good as this or even more Punjabi, I'll love it. I wanted to put the picture of the lead guy on this, but that just didn't work out. He looks a lot like the guy in "The Mummy"...the good guy.

My daughter says Snoop is into world domination. Have you noticed he is everywhere and in the news almost everyday. His tour bus was stopped here in Texas the other day. Snoop was asleep, but one or two of his guys were arrested. They posted bond and were later released. Snoop Dog was not arrested...he was asleep. Here is the complete story and even Snoop's real name. The Star Telegram is so in depth on this shocking story that rappers had 2 ounces of marijuana. Read all about it here.

On a more serious note, I've been thinking about writing something about forensics*** and shockingly how many men have been cleared of rape and murder charges recently by DNA after spending 25 or more years in prison . More later...the thoughts are trying to gel on how to write this. My mind is working overtime this morning.

*disclaimer....I am not a knitting teacher!
** disclaimer 2-I know little to nothing about the entertainment world.
*** disclaimer 3-I am not a CSI, but I do have a minor in biology


  1. I used to love TV, but the past several years I just can't get into watching it.

  2. Quilly,
    You live in Paradise where the weather is nice year 'round. I live where it is not so clement weather.

  3. Oh... and by the way... I'm not ignoring your post... but you know... I DON'T watch TELEVISION!!! Annnnnd... Woman, repeat after me...

    Hi! My name is AmberStar and I am a YouTubeaholic...

    I THINK they have a 12 step program for you! You can probably FIND it on YouTube!