Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dragon days and This and That

This is our one and only "dragon" that lives at our house. The Mascot for T.C.U. is the horned toad.

Our son and daughter in law gave this one to my husband. He is the TCU alumni, not me. Anyway this little horned toad is a bobble head. He lives in the window over my sink and watches out for us. Sometimes he looks outside and sometimes he is looking inside.

Sometimes he just has his eye on you, especially when he is outside on the picnic table that needs to be redone so badly. We finally figured out the power washer so maybe that will get done soon.

I haven't even seen many geckos this year, either. It has been so hot in the evenings that we have been staying inside in the air conditioning.

In other news, our cat, Puddy was sleeping peacefully on a beach towel on the patio the other day when I so rudely woke her. Here is the series of pictures of that event.

Here she is sleeping ever so soundly in her own little kitty dreams of catching mice and her next meal of Fancy Feast. When all of a sudden there was some racket.

"Hark...who goes there." she thinks as she awakens. She lifts her head to look for whatever is coming.

She sees it is only me with the camera...again and jumps up on the swing and looks at me like "What now? I need to get back to my nap."


  1. A house without dragons must be a very sad place, but at least you have a beautiful cat!

    I find it interesting that Puddy only has eyeliner around one eye.

  2. Oh! btw, I like the toad and he does look very dragonish! He seems quite fierce despite his bobble head.

    And Puddy with the eyeliner on only one eye is quite beautiful.

    If I was rude or hasty on my previous visit I quite apologize. I HAD to go to the restroom and was quite focused on that rather than finishing my comment. (Sometimes I make the strangest choices!)

  3. Love that horned toad, Amber! I'm having fun finding dragons! :)

  4. I have a dragon posted today, and yesterday too, haha. Also, I love your Puddy. I was recently given a female Tortoise shell cat that looks much like yours. She is just settling in and still a bit shy, so I haven't yet bothered her with the camera.... coming very soon, haha.

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  5. Puddy is sooooooo pretty! And that little horny toad is TOO cute!!! I'm sure he is a GREAT protector of the family dwelling! (even though he can't breath fire...)