Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ah Dude....

Oh my gosh...there is going to be a Big Lebowski Fest!! It will be a celebration of all things related to The Dude and everything in the movie. They will be having the festivities in Austin October 9th and 10th.

There is now a huge following of the "cult" movie "The Big Lebowski". I know I have watched it several times and I've even told my husband to have me cremated when I die and not to waste any money, but to use a Folgers can instead of an urn. *LOL* It is the 8th anniversary of the celebration. The movie, "The Big Lebowski" was made in 1998, but the fests started 8 years ago.
There are SO many extremely hilarious scenes in this movie that I'm thinking it may have a showing tonight at my house. The movie was on cable one night and I kept hearing parts of it as I passed back and forth through the family room....also, could hear my husband laughing. This movie is not for everyone, but is one of the all time best movies ever made.

Oh the thought of all the funny quotes, the nihilists, Maude, and Bunny, white Russians...and all the rest of the company. is going to be a pizza and movie night.

Duff Goldman, of "Ace of Cakes" on The Food Channel made a huge cake for a Lebowski Fest celebration. He is one of my favorites, too. He came back to Baltimore in 2000 after training under many well known chefs. His shop is called Charm City Cakes. Duff and the people who work for him are so outrageous and talented. I'd love to have a cake from there. Melli, the shop is close to least it is in your state.

On second thought...most of the people who read my blog should NOT watch this movie. It has pretty rough language. But it is so freakin' funny.

That is all from me for tonight. Yesterday, I guess I thought I'd been cured of this wicked arthritis and went grocery shopping,worked in the yard planting stuff, and even at the height of my insanity moved some of the stones that line the flower beds. Shall we say last night was sort of uncomfortable? Yeah...we can say that and today was pretty awful, too....and now I'm heading for the sofa and heating pad/ice packs and anything I can find for pain. Not good for fingers or backs when you are an idiot and lift heavy stuff.


  1. My Bob and my son love this movie. They think it is the greatest movie ever made, too. I can't say I thought it was that great myself but to each his own. lol. They are always talking about it and how great it is. I bet they have watched it 10 times!

  2. It seems warm helps my aches and pains. Hope things ease up fast.

    We have an old green 4 wheel cart we haul groceries in the house and heavy stuff around the yard. Sure saves our backs.

  3. Today is puppies to the Vets for their first shots, and grocery shopping. I may not survive!

  4. ROFL! I even checked out the LINK and STILL have no idea what a Lebowski is! Obviously this is another one of that long list of movies I have not seen! But sounds like it has given YOU yeeeeeeeeears of entertainment - and that is a GOOD thing! Enjoy your Pizza/Movie night tonight!

  5. I might watch The Big Lebowski. I remember wanting to see it when it came out but movies weren't on my college TIME budget and for some reason I never thought to rent the video.

    I'm sorry you've over taxed yourself. I'm not doing so well, either. I have been tired and lethargic since I was sick last week, and night before last I woke up shivering and teeth chattering with a temp of 102.

  6. Hi!

    Sorry to hear about the arthritis acting up. Loved that picture of the cats and the fisherman below. It was great. Had no idea that the Dude's movie was such a hit. Saw it, thought it was interesting, but no idea it was so big.

    Best wishes,