Friday, June 19, 2009

My younger brother's birthday

I've NO idea what is up with the date thing on my camera! Time warp of three years and six months and some change. Hmmm..

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. For many years we weren't really very close, because of the age difference. He is six months older than my oldest, we didn't have a lot in common. We sort of got aquainted when our grandmother had to go to a nursing home, and we talked more and got closer when our dad was in a nursing home. He was still too young to deal with that much hassle. I was too young for that much hassle...and I don't think I could deal with that much hassle again now!

He has grown into a very good man and I'm proud to know him, as well as, being a relative to him. Cat's baseball is his very favorite thing to do. He knows a lot of people out there and that is where we celebrated his birthday. We had a hotdog tailgate party with soft drinks and chips, followed by some delicious cookies my brother in law, the chef, made for the festivities. There were cupcakes, too, but I was full by the time we got around to them. My guess is there were 50 or more guests. After we ate we were given a bag of Cracker Jacks with a ticket for the game tied to it.

The mascot for the team is called Dodger, because a very long time ago the Cats were the farm team for the Dodgers. Alas, that is no more. We do not have a major league team associated with the Cats. Dodger is really something. He wears a "furry" suit and dances, runs, and races children around the bases. Last night my brother had the opportunity to drive Dodger onto the field in an antique pickup. It was something my brother really loved. He loves going out there so much he and his wife have season tickets.


  1. Happy belated birthday to your brother :) Glad you guys got closer.

  2. Oh! This makes it MUCH cooler! How do you have a farm team with NO major league association??? I don't GET that! What are those boys out there PLAYIN' for if they're not hopin' to MOVE UP! That's what it's all about for them - waitin' for the call! No??? Maybe not. Maybe it's about playin' ball and havin' FUN! And maybe that's why your brother LOVES it so much! This is very cool!

  3. It seems siblings sometimes have to grow up to have relationships with each other.

    My sister and I were not at all close until we both were married and had entirely different lives. We both learned not to be so judgemental.