Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One of those days

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And I missed my 1 year anniversary on May 28th. It has been a fun year and it has been great getting to know ya. Maybe it will just keep on getting better.


  1. Oh dear! We all missed your first birthday! I am so sorry -- you just seem so comfortable here, it's like you've been around forever.

  2. Awwww! Now that's an add on I would like! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Or BLOGGY BIRTHDAY ... or whatever ya want it to be! Truly, it does just keep getting better!

  3. I wouldn't have thought of it, but Quilly had posted about blogging for six years...so I looked to see how long I'd been in blogland.

  4. Hi Amber Star! It's me: Barb from Sunshine Girls. I lost you in the shuffle somewhere along the way, but when I just visited PJ's blog, there you were. So I pranced myself over here to see what you are up to. Great Blog! And Happy Blog Birthday from me too. I've just started blogging again after it sitting there idle for two years. Stop by if you have the urge. I'd love to have some visitors. :) ... and great to see you!