Friday, June 12, 2009

Gordon Strikes Again...oh the trauma

Ok...after our trip to Wal-Mart Central Market our local grocery store I settled on the sofa to eat a sandwich and drink a glass of water, while watching Gordon Ramsey's "F Word" (where F stands for food) cooking show. He started with that stone thing again. I have put a stone to pounds calculator on the sidebar of this page for ease of reference. There was a young lady who was cooking with him and she was telling him at one time she weighed 5.5 to 6 stone. That is 77 to 83 pounds! Anorexic much? I'm pretty sure one of my legs weighs at least that much....maybe if you kept the buttock part on, but I don't really want to find out.

I'd be so lost if we had to move to Europe. In England we could sort of speak the language, but would be lost with the metric and stone system.

Then he showed a man dealing with an eel. He said that eels aren't eaten in Great Britain that much anymore, and they ship the excess eels to Holland...were I've heard everyone is stoned most of the time since they can legally purchase whatever sort of drug that suits their fancy at the corner shop. But, that is a whole 'nuther kind of stone. Gordon had an Oriental chef demonstrate how to dispatch the eel by driving a knife through its head and then cutting the head off and then splitting the eel from stem to stern. Its little heart was still beating after all that beheading and slicing open. Then, for cripesake the Oriental chef told Gordon and some other guy in the kitchen to swallow the beating heart, followed with a bowl of water. Gordon deferred to the other guy. It was a very surreal moment for me to see the eel heart beating with nothing at all in the way of parts around it being swallowed whole. I'll probably never go to Holland, either after that...They might put an eel heart on my plate or something *shiver and shudder*. I'm certain I would never knowingly put eel on my plate. And before seeing this cooking show I had no hard feelings toward eating eels.

However in Gordon Ramsey's defense, he did have a lady on the show who tries to get farmers to treat their other farm animals such as pigs and cattle humanely and not put them in small cages like they do in the factories in Europe. I'm pretty sure there may be nightmares for me tonight.

Gordon Ramsey is raising two grand pigs in his back yard and he treats them very well. Bet his neighbors are sort of not all THAT happy about the urban farm next door from them. Never the less, Gordon's pigs are very happy in their pen with plenty to eat and time to play and sleep comfortably, and he feeds them apples and good pig chow. I've already seen the show where he has the pigs slaughtered and hung. His point in doing this is so people, and in particular, his children will know where the meat they have for meals comes from. The kids were fine with it after the pigs were sent to pig heaven. They were pretty giggly about the tail tasting, though. They used every bit of those pigs and they were served to his customers in the restaurant. At least those pigs got to keep their tails. The piglets reared on the industrial farms have their tails docked, because there isn't enough room in the pens and they bite the other piglets' tails off for something to do or maybe for fun. Who knows. That was pretty disturbing. I wonder if it would be a good idea for me to think about going organic as far as meat is concerned. I'm not even going to tell you about the neutering of the little pigs. Gave Gordon the willies...for sure.

After reading about Bossy's week long cleanse and super poo, I thought I was up for anything, but I think that was bravado on my part after seeing this show. Maybe I'll become like Melli and Quilly and just go without tv from now on.

Oh Man! The weather radio just went off and we are in another tornado watch tonight....and when they got back to the regular weather they were talking about the temperatures and the heat indices. Our heat index is 104, I think. The barometer is very low right now...indicating the possibility of storms. The other night's storms were the 3rd worst in Texas weather recorded history. Thousands are still without electricity. Good news for Home Depot, though. Thank goodness it was around us, and didn't come here. We just got a lot of wind. It was close to my son's home, but he is ok. I think slightly shaken, but fine. My dil and grandson are in Georgia to visit her folks.

This is the reason I cannot give up TV. Reality is just so...well, funny mostly.

If the video link doesn't work here is the direct link:


  1. I remember watching Gordon Ramsey for one full season on Hell's Kitchen or something like that. He's something else. I would try that heart I tell you. If there's one thing about me, I'll try anything at least once LOL. Hope your weather doesn't get worse. I can't get the videow to work for some reason...I've tried several times. Aloha my friend :)

  2. I might have to stop reading blogs too after this graphic report! ROFL! THANKS! *cough* GAG! I do think I'm about ready to go vegetarian! AS ... you gave me the willies! And THEN you showed me Sarah Palin... You are a cruel woman!

  3. But Melli...the Palin part did give you the Yahoooo yodel thingy :)

    I is wicked hard to be a real vegetarian. It is all about getting complete protein. Since we are born carnivores...with canine teeth and a need for iron, etc. There are few ways to get complete protein..the combo of beans and I can't think of any others.

  4. I'll pass on eel, just as I passed on squid when we traveled in Spain. Many men had beards and the squid "ink" was all over their beards as well as clothing. Yucko.

    and that STONE thing. I don't even want to know how many stones I weigh, although it might be a shocker for me to tell my doctor. I always try to set her back a bit with a little medical humor.

    I think I will achieve one weight goal Wed. of 25 lbs lost. It is a struggle

    Good story... I'll skip the politic. Have too much local in my home now.

    We needed to borrow your ARK and waterwings this afternoon traveling home from Harrison. I checked the top of Bull Mountain to see if the ARK was at the summit...out of luck.

  5. I had no trouble getting the video to work, mores the pity.

    Do you know how I came to start blogging? I hurt myself and was told to sit and stay for 6 weeks. I watched 1 day of daytime TV and knew I had to find something else to do, or I'd be brain dead inside of a week.

  6. quilly-I only watch in the daytime if I'm taking a break from some work or other. I can't watch the soaps or the talk shows w/o my brain getting a little fried or mushy...depends on what is on.