Friday, June 19, 2009

Chinese Swan Lake


  1. Wow ! That was utterly amazing Amber thanks for posting it - I was spellbound. Now I know I really shouldn't say this - but I am tempted to say I wonder how many tendons, bones and muscles are going to be damaged and hurt during her career? Her performance though was absolutely incredible.

    I have read many ballet dancers autobiographies and apparently they have terrible problems with hips, legs and their spines due to the stretching and strains of dancing. Blimey, we ordinary mortals go through enough due to aging - I do hope that she escapes the pain and strain of a painful middle and old age - Talk about an artist suffering for his or her art ...

  2. Awesome video. I really enjoyed it :)

  3. I love Swan Lake performed by anyone!

  4. Kate-I'm suffering for her art I think :) She is so flexible and he is so strong. Can you imagine the force on his shoulders when she was en pointe on it. Yipes!

    Thom-Glad you liked it. It is awesome.

    NW1- Me, too. My mother thought they could make a ballerina out of me, but it just didn't happen. :)