Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stealing from Thom

There is always something good to steal over at Thom's, but he is going to be moving his blogs around in the next few days or I'd give him a linkback right here. Otherwise his link is on the sidebar.

It has been a busy week. The dreaded Tuesday has come and gone...thank goodness. Our tv, the big giant HD marvel I love so dearly went out last Saturday. While I was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with it I pushed the off button and it spoke to me. I first thought it said, "I'm not working." To which I replied "No kidding!" Later in the handbook it said if the lamp was out the tv voice thingy would say "Lamp not working." Which makes a lot more sense than an uppity tv telling me it isn't going to work while I'm home alone with not that much to do.

We had bought this marvel at Circuit City two years ago and after a wrangle with my husband over the extended warranty we bought it. Now Circuit City has gone out of business and has no website and their phones don't work. Nada. So, I called my husband who was in the middle of Galveston Bay fishing in what sounded like a hurricane and the reception was sort of iffy, too. He told me to get the phone book and call TV repair places to find out what to do about our warranty. I thought that was akin to throwing darts at the phone book, so I went to the internet. I called this lovely lady who was either in India or had moved here and she told me the name of the company and called them for me to set up an appointment for them to come fix the lamp. She thought the not working thing was funny, too. The appointment time was Tuesday from 8-noon. It came and went and no tech. Hubby was nearly crazy after talking to all the people I'd talked to before and some others. I was whiney..because, well it was Tuesday and I felt like throwing up most of the day.

Today the repairman came and put the lamp in the tv and it works like it used to, but I think maybe better. He was from Vietnam and had a leg prosthesis. He was probably really glad hubby had moved the "bridge" off the towers where the tv lives. It might have been sort of hard for him to do on his own. I would have asked what happened but didn't really want to get that involved to maybe find out he had lost his leg during the war or something. He and his wife have moved to Texas from Washington DC and they love it here. She has asthma and needed to get to a drier climate her doctor told her. Personally I think she should go to a really good allergist and get tested for what she is really allergic to. Ya'll couldn't tell I was born in the South, now could you? I think I showed remarkable restraint in asking too many personal questions.

Anyway, back to Thom and the thing I stole from hair was blonde when I was a little girl, but she looks pretty good to me. Thanks Thom...I really didn't have much tonight. Good luck with the move.

Your Hillbilly Name Is: Sandra Dee Birmingham

Ain'tcha got one better'n that un


  1. Thom is moving his blog but he's not changing his url. Pretty much all his move should mean to us is that he's storing his files in different place. I didn't even tell anybody when I moved my blog from one host to another and only one person noticed a difference, because his blog reader quit updating.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Much appreciated. Great Hillbilly it :) Boy you have had a busy week. Wow a speaking TV LOL. Love it.

  3. Amazing that the warranty was still honored. But good too. We're wondering about our GM car warranty?
    Anyway, glad the tv got fixed.

  4. I wish all our tv's would start saying "I'm not working!"... LOL! But then Dennis would start wishing my computer not to work ... and life would get ugly! Guess it's best to just maintain the status quo! LOL! Glad yours is back up and running! You're all set for NEXT Tuesday now!

  5. I have a talking GPS/Navigator in my car. I named her Jezebel because she bitches when I don't follow her instructions.

    I have a Roomba floor robot that talks but isn't very helpful. I still have to call manufacturer.

    My fancy LCD TV is mute.

    Several of my appliances have lights that come on when they think they are so smart and want filters washed, or PUR water filter changed. I've learned how to bypass these annoyances, like the filter. I don't use the amount of water in 6 months to need to change a filter. Same thing on vent hood filter. I just push the button on the light and it resets.

    Certain computer programs talk, too.

    I tend to talk back or tell 'em to shut up or some other expletive.

  6. quilly-you know I get so confused when people move around. I didn't notice your move that much, but Chilihead....I have to just go to her site when I find won't stay in the sidebar. I've tried and tried. I enjoy her blog so much and forget about it when it isn't right there to remind me. Don't Try This At Home. It just won't stay put. I think maybe she has gone to twitter more.

    Thom-Yeah...great. Sandra Dee..but maybe it will grow on me. Let us know when you get settled.

    Maribeth-I was desperate and you know how helpful the net can be. I'm so relieved they did honor the warranty. When I googled it came up with this
    and it was very helpful. We had absolutely no charge...lot of hassle, but worth it.

    Melli-It would be as scary for you to be without your computer. That just wouldn't be right.

    NW-1-I had no idea this tv talked at all until it broke. It was very surprising.

    I rarely speak to my appliances, so it was a new one on me.