Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life in the fast lane

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It's been really one thing after another around here. My fil has had to go to the emergency room twice this weekend. I can't see any way they can continue to live on their own. Neither has the ability to remember anything for five minutes which can be really a freaky thing when it comes to taking their meds. I feel so sorry for them, but it seems the time has come. My hubby is at the hospital with his dad and has asked the staff to put him in touch with a social worker....preferably one that won't tell them what a good thing it is they are still able to live alone. That is what the last one told them. I thought my poor husband was going to faint.

On the vacation front...well, maybe next year. If we get them settled into somewhere they are safe and are cared for we still couldn't leave because of the cat. If it ain't one thing it is another.

Our youngest daughter who lives here in Fort Worth told us yesterday afternoon that she will be moving to another city south of here...nearly to Houston. It will be a lateral move for her, but will get her in a really good position for advancement. We will miss her so much.

The tv is finally fixed and it is supposed to be only 98 today instead of 103. That is known as a Texas cool front. That is the good news....small as it is.


  1. Its a time for many changes for a lot of ppl, be the changes good or bad. Hang in there.

  2. Hang in the my friend. Changes can be good or bad and we just have to go with what happens. Be strong :)

  3. Honestly AS, I've been AMAZED that something really serious hasn't happened to one or the other of them LONG before now! There is NO WAY we could trust mom to get her medications on her own -- not even doled out into the little medicine boxes. She would take 3 days - or maybe a whole week all in one day! Or go days and days and days without taking any... I know it's a hard decision but this is definitely for THEIR best! Though Hubby may take a boatload of fuss about it!

    I'm so sorry your daughter is going to be moving away. I bet it was hard for her to TELL you that too... I know you really are going to miss her... *sigh*

    Well... the TV's fixed! And it's only 98 out! AND the cat is alive! All kinds of good news! :)

    Yea... hang in there...

  4. are right. Life in the fast lane comes at us, when we least expect it.

    I remember these difficult decisions with my parents. It is the hardest decision us siblings made, and I had the most difficulty being "long distance."

    My brother, who was my parents only biological child, bore the brunt as he had medical power of attorney. He did a marvelous job particularly with Daddy. who expected and demanded his children take care of him.

    [I offered to bring him to Arkansas and hire help. of course he refused. I was supposed to leave my husband and move to Texas in his home and take care of him, or so he expected.}

    Daddy accused us selling his house and taking all the money, and miscellaneous other untruths. The money was all used to pay his nursing home bills.

    I truly hope and pray you both have easier transitions AND CAN TAKE A VACATION!!!

    Hang in there and stay cool. We have 61 to start Monday here in Arkansas, and need RAIN, believe it or not.

  5. Thanks all of you for the uplifting thoughts. My hubby has left to go over to see what all has happened since last night when he was over there.

    Our daughter is going to tell them they need to go to the assisted living, if they even could do that now. She thinks we just aren't telling them in the right way to get them to just go on and move. As if I haven't been talking to them about it frequently...and so has my husband. Maybe she can get through to them. She is going to use the thought that they are killing her dad. It is hard on him. It was hard on me during the 13 years my dad was in the nursing home after the stroke.