Thursday, June 11, 2009

It is coming again!....looking for my water wings!

Wunderground and our local weather say it is coming again! aie aie aie

Here are some pictures from my local NBC affiliate

Some parts around here got nearly 9" of rain, and we got only 1.7" at my house.

Melli, I'm so sorry about your plants. It will dry out soon.


  1. Oh my. I lived north of Flower Mound in Denton , and worked at Tom Thumb-Page in Lewisville, the 1st store. I understand there is a different store now.

    We got a lot of rain last night. But today has been beautiful.

  2. I think Amber you might think about calling the Skipper and Gilligan LOL. I cannot believe how much water is down there. That is truly incredible. When I lived in Houston, I lived through Hurricane Alicia and it was nothing compared to that if memory serves me correctly. Don't worry about plants...they can be replaced stay alert :) Aloha

  3. I'm watchin' the radar right now! We've got more comin' up from Georgia/Tennessee direction now... This morning it was all coming from Ohio/West Va. ... It doesn't seem to matter where it STARTS - it ALL ends UP here!!! But if that 9" that sOMe of your parts got gets here, we really WILL float away! (well, not me... cuz I'm in the middle of a Big BIG hill... but I haven't been over to the beach the last few days - they probably ARE flooded. I don't watch the news so I don't know... (I'm so bad!)

  4. It's pouring rain here too. Unfortunately for the puppies who love to run in the yard.

  5. Did you get it?

    We are predicted to have 40% chance of rain for the next 4 days.

    Then it looks like the heat begins, just in time for a convention I'm attending in Hot Springs.

  6. NW-1...we lucked out last night and it went south of us....just barely. Thank You, Lord. I just wasn't up for more drama last night. We just wanted to watch So You Think You Can Dance and get caught up on tivoed stuff.

    Thom-I left you a note on your blog. Alicia still makes most of us sort of tremble when we hear the name. ugh

    Melli-Maybe YOU should start gathering up animals 2X2 instead of me.

    Maribeth-Those puppies are so adorable. Are they not understanding why they can't go to where the soft green tickly stuff is?

  7. Oh...NW1 we have visited Hot Springs and had a fun time there. Hopefully it won't be too hot. Wunderground is saying about 90 to92 degrees for the weekend and next week.

    It is supposed to be near 100 degrees here duing the same time period for us.

    Hope you have a fun time.