Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Joy of Home Ownership

Ahh...the joys of having a pool to go along with your home! So far we haven't been in the pool this year. Hubby has had a new filter installed, because the other one just wasn't working properly anymore. He is at the pool store right now to get a new motor and guts for the thing. They said it would be Tuesday before they could get out to replace what ain't werkin' now. Pools are truly a money suck, but are nice when you have teenagers. That was a while back!

When it is working properly it is a beautiful blue and looks so cooling and inviting when there are enough chemicals in it. Otherwise it looks like a toxic dump. Which is why I was hoping the pool fixers could get out sooner....like before the yellow green algae starts growing. Bless my sweet husband...he has so much on his plate these days.


  1. The pool would surely feel good for arthritis of any kind. Maybe it will be fixed sooner, than later.

  2. I would love to have one, but yes I've seen the upkeep is a PITA
    Hope you get it back soon!

  3. Which is WHY we DON'T have one -- but you can't scare me... I would still LOVE one anyway! Then perhaps I could get a "pool boy" to go with it! LOL!

  4. I spent one notable 4th of July running a sump pump for a friend whose pool service didn't (service) while she was away on vacation (it seems they lost the key to her gate). She came home to a pool of putrid green slime and a citation from the health department -- who had no trouble getting into her yard when the neighbor's complained of the smell.

  5. Not a pool owner ourselves but our friends are, and it sounds like pools in the PNW don't grow near the scum other places do.

    Thanks for the visit today.

  6. NW1-the water is pretty cool.

    PJ-So right it is a pita and a half

    Melli-Oooo la la a pool boy, eh?

    Quilly-It won't get that bad..I hope

    Lanny-It is much warmer down here in Texas, hence the abundant growth of algae.