Thursday, June 11, 2009

Building an Ark

Last night, unknown to the weather forecasters apparently, it started to RAIN...and it rained. During the night the thunder woke me. This time I did get up and look at several of our local weather channels. We take our weather very seriously and there on my cable provider we have, The Weather Channel, and two other channels devoted entirely to Ft. Worth weather, and then there are the regular channels like NBC, ABC, Fox...well, you get the idea. There was a large red concentration of storms right over the Ft. Worth-Dallas area. I figured it would blow through pretty quickly and went back to bed. At least it didn't show a tornado like we had seen trying to form earlier in the evening. That was a scary sight and very unwelcome to the people who lived where it was. Anyway, back to my story, when I woke this morning we had no electricity at all, but they got it back on in about 3 hours or so. It has been pouring rain again all morning and is still raining in Dallas. This is so weird, because usually when we hit June the rain is over until October or so. Wunderground has updated their site to show we have a chance of rain pretty much the rest of the week. Also, they are predicting the temperature to be 99 degrees on Saturday. I hadn't really planned to go really early to the Knit in Public thing, but may be changing my mind. Heck, I knit in public every Monday night with my knitting group.

Hope your evening was calmer than ours...and drier, too.


  1. Oh my goodness...tons of rain. No wonder that you are considering building an Ark LOL. At least there was no tornado. That's the best part. I hope the rain stops soon. Aloha

  2. Our Ark's BEEN built! We're about 3 days from LAND on this side of the country! I swear! All the plants that I bought and either planted or potted are all DROWNED! And I haven't watered them yet!!! It's crazy!

  3. Oh my. Sounds like we need to call in the Coast Guard to rescue Melli. i hope we're not going to have to put you on that list!

    It has rained here every night, but only just enough to water the grass.