Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slow Day

Gotz some problems with muh back and sciatic nerve today. Hopefully better tomorrow, and hope you enjoy this LOL Cat for the day.

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Oh dear...I just read that the H1N1 virus has come back and is
widespread and severe in Georgia. Here is the link for that

I'd hoped it had gone away or fizzled out. Wash your hands well when you are out in public and when you get home again.


  1. Hope you feel better tomorrow.
    Loved the cat.

    Take care.

  2. LOL! Kitty says that! His dark gray fur drives me NUTS on my white couches!

  3. I think the news is just hyping it out... my cancer dr.... told me not to bother with the shot...

  4. Spring is tough on a back isn't it. Hoeing put mine out of kilter. Heal quickly.
    Love the cat in a bag, only way to beat cat hair.

  5. Ta Da,
    Isn't it interesting how docs tell us which vaccines to get. My rheumatologist told me to get the
    H1N1 as soon as I could anyplace I could find it. My primary didn't order any of the H1N1, because of fear of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Who knows what to do anymore.

    I felt much better this morning when I got up, but after going outside and pulling just a few weeds...heck it is starting up again. I think my husband thinks I'm fudging, but I'm not.