Thursday, July 17, 2008

Loose Lips and other thoughts

When my embroidery books and cd from the movie Juno came the other day I just looked at the books, but today I've been playing the cd and I remember I really liked the music from the movie, but I really like this song. It is such a little freedom song called "Loose Lips" and I found a You Tube on this site. The lyrics are underneath it.

I think kids aren't mean for the most part and especially kids that sing songs like these. They are like the songs you sing when you are a little kid.

"we’re just dancing, we’re just hugging,singing, screaming, kissing, tuggingon the sleeve of how it used to be."
excerpt from "Loose Lips Sink Ships" from Juno


  1. Oooooooookay! LOL! Is that the actual version from the soundtrack? Or is that something some kids just did?

  2. Those are the actual lyrics and the song sounds like that, but that particuar one is by someone else...someone famous probably. Kimya Dawson must be somebody, but here is the one from the movie.

    no lyrics on this one

  3. thx 4 featuring my post or w/e. i really did love juno =D

  4. love that soundtrack!
    loved the movie a lot.