Thursday, July 3, 2008


You know how much I enjoy watching So You Think You Can Dance...probably because I can't dance a lick. Anyway, in the auditions there was a guy named Robert Muraine who is a Popper. It is an unusual style of dance that just blew everyone away. I enjoyed it so much and it has been the most watched on You Tube. I can'tget it to load to Blogger, but here is the url so you can get a look at what it is all about...and watch until the end.

He is a phenomenon and he has competition...some guy named Phillip Chbeeb. He was passed onto Las Vegas, but chose to opt out of going. He felt that he wanted to be true to his style of dance and not try to learn the others. Tonight they had him, Robert, back on SYTYCD and there is going to be a competition with Phillip Chbeeb the other popper....well, maybe on the finale

Now you all know I'm a closet "hip hop" lover. Peace out everyone.


  1. That was incredible. I am awed.

  2. Even my Pilate instructor would be in AWE of thOse core muscles! WOW!!! What a gift! And how FUN that he even discovered it! And even better that he had an outlet to USE it! Amazing!