Thursday, June 18, 2009

The daily whine

It is hot again and hubs and I are going to spend the afternoon catching up on tivoed shows and in general goofing off. We are going out to the Cat's field this evening for my brother's birthday party and to see the game.

Pretty much my vegetable garden is shocked to find out there will be no spring this year. It was cold until after Easter, and now it has jumped straight into summer with 100 degree temps. Tomatoes won't set fruit with temps like that. Oh well, maybe a fall garden. The squash is blooming and we got the teepee bean poles up this morning while planting some more plants. I've decided my family is going to have to call for an intervention about my whole plant obsession. *grin*

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  1. Good outlook...if this garden doesn't make it there's always another one. Keep a positive outlook I always say. Sad what funny weather you have had, but who can control Mother Nature...she's a woman :) LOL

  2. LOL! Well, I can certainly think of worse things to be obsessed with! Perhaps you'll get a little cool spell and those tomatoes will do their thing!

  3. It is also very hot and humid with lots of bad storms here. In the 90s and rain, rain, rain. Love the cat. I have some tomato plants that are not doing anything much so far.

  4. Mynas just ate my last tomato. I had my mouth all set for it and ... gone. Nothing left but the stem.

  5. Oh quilly...I'm so sorry for you. Do you get those grown on the vine tomatoes? They cost more, but sometimes we just have to have a really good tomato. The compari ones are my personal favorite. They carry them at Costco and Sam's.

    Thom-I live in Texas...there is no rhyme or reason to the seasons, except there are general guidelines Mother Nature adheres to. It is a challenge to garden here.

    Melli-That is true...I could have worse "addictions" than buying plants...and my plant obession may be self limiting with the heat and all.

    Judy-I'm sorry you are having this weird weather, too. I know it has been raining like mad up in Maryland, where Melli lives, too.