Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stay in the house

It is a day to stay inside here in Texas. It is wicked hot today and yesterday, too. This special warning from the wunderground website about it.

"A strong upper ridge of high pressure will strengthen over North Texas this week helping to push temperatures slightly above the century mark... particularly over the southern parts of North Texas. The rainfall from last week will only add to the humidity values and will result in heat index values each afternoon between 100 and 105 degrees."

These are the days when we get out outdoor chores done early in the morning and spend the rest of the day in the house, until it cools down in the evening.

It was much like this yesterday when I thought it would be so kind of me to transfer some ferns to the back flowerbed for my husband who was at his parents dealing with some drama over there. While doing my good deed, not only did I nearly have a heat stroke, but my glasses fell off and I couldn't find them.....well, because I didn't have my glasses. I was nearly in tears by the time he got home. He found them almost at once.

Today is the yucky day in the rheumatoid arthritis drug regimen, but so far it has been ok. My daughter called just a while ago to tell her dad that there were some tamales that he needed to get from her apartment for our dinner tonight! She is always thinking of me. *LOL* I may just wait a while....like a day or two and not press my luck today.

My knitting group was so fun last night. None of us went to the Knit in Public event this past Saturday, because it was in the 90s and we ain't stoopid. Anyway...we knit in public every Monday evening inside where it is cool or warm depending on the right season and we can eat and have a soft drink. People come by our table and chat with us, we tell them to bring their yarn and join us next week or any Monday evening. Last night a very sweet elderly (well, older than us) gentleman watched us for a good long while as we laughed and told our stories and knitted. He listened and asked the lady who was closest to him what she was making. She told him and he was so nice and told us what a good example we were. He said all kinds of nice things about our knitting and having such a good time. It may have brought back memories of his mother or wife and her friends knitting together.


  1. We've had nothing but rain all last week and this wkend, I'm ready for some sun.

  2. ACK...what weather that is. Stay inside and keep the A/C on high. I know you heart was in the right place but my goodness...plants aren't worth heat stroke and losing glasses over. I'm glad he found them for you. Hope the RA isn't too bad for you. Keep thinking positive :) Aloha my friend :)

  3. I am glad your hubby found your glasses. I know when I lose mine, that someone else has to find them for me. I can't see to find them!

    Stay inside, cool and safe!

  4. Yikes! Hope it stays out of AR for a few days. H&H (heat and humidity) take me and my breathing out of circulation.

    Most of the time I am in AC but we have to ride trolley from Arlington to convention center. I'm betting the trolley isn't air conditioned.

  5. We are having very humid, wet weather here, too, but not as hot as there. Yesterday, parts of Kentucky was hit with a tornado. We only had rain where I live. It seems it has been raining every day here for weeks! Your knitting group sounds like great fun even though I don't knit. I bet you all have such a great time.

  6. Ugh! I do NOT look forward to 100 degree days. That is not summer - that is MISERY! I love summer... but I do NOT love misery! I'm so glad your hubby found your glasses right away - but really - you should learn to do what I do - put them on top of your head! Mine are almost always there, because I really only need them to drive anymore. If I have them on, I find myself taking them OFF to see things! It does interfere with wearing hats though... if I have a hat on, then I dOn't know what to do with my glasses!

    Homemade tamales sounds sooooooo good! Your daughter is wOnderful!

  7. BR-send some rain our way...it is time to cool off some.

    Thom-Oh I stayed in yesterday and had the a/c on 74. Actually the meds didn't bother me nearly as much as in the past. Maybe I'm getting used to it.

    Quilly...isn't it the pits when you really can't see well enough to find your glasses! It is very humbling.

    NW 1-I hope it doesn't come to you either. Maybe the trolly won't take long to get there. It is just harsh in Texas and the weather will be HOT until late fall...or sometimes it rains at the end of August. I call it my "birthday rain".

    Judy-Don't get me going on tornadoes again. I'm irrational when that subject comes up. We were having rain about once a week for a long time this year. I don't know if my tomatoes are going to make this year. It is so hot so early. Oh well, squash is doing very well....and it is the yellow crookneck kind that I love.

    Melli-I think it is time for me to get one of those ole lady chains to hold my glasses around my neck. Mostly glasses are something I need, but lately I can see to drive better w/o them. I don't have a restricion on my drivers license, so I take them off. We will have the tamales for lunch...maybe.

  8. Sorry about the glasses thing. I sure can relate. Glad they were found.
    It is cool and sunny today. Come visit!
    My arthritis is bad right now too. Not Rheumatoid, but painful nonetheless.

  9. It's hot here too. I think Mother nature forgot to give us Spring this year.