Monday, November 30, 2009

The best laid plans and all that stuff...

I didn't get to the jammie day with the tv remote strapped to my hand today, but it was a good day. I went to water aerobics today and it really helps so much to work out in water. It helps to not have the gravity and to be able to do the Hokey Pokey freely. I really like the class and the ladies in there. One little lady just hugged my neck today like she hadn't seen me in a week...oh has been a week since I've worked out. Too much going on. address how to fall INTO a car. First have your beloved right behind you as you start to enter the car. He is talking and blabbing and I'm not paying attention. I got my left foot caught between the seat and the opening where the door sits when it is closed. Thank goodness he didn't close the thing on me. The way my foot was wedged in that small space caused me to twist it and unknowingly many other parts of my body. So, that is how I fell into the car. The car doesn't have the same weightless qualities of the pool. It wasn't pretty and I was in a pretty good snit over it all. Hubby said that somehow he felt it was all his fault. Bless his sweet heart. Little nerd...I love him.

He had a fun day taking his parents on an outing to get tested for TB. They cannot enter the assisted living home without a clear reading. He finally got them into the car and out to the hospital where their lab is located. He said there was a little old man who suddenly started shouting about "Where is my wheelchair!!!" He was most excited about its disappearance. My hubby looked and the chair had rolled all the way down a very long entry drive, turned a corner and had finally come to rest WAY the heck down the hill. My husband thinks it was the man's wife's wheelchair, but we don't know. A good Samaritan caught it and brought it back up to them. Meanwhile my husband was getting his mom into a wheelchair, he didn't lose his mother down the hill, to take her to the lab. He gave his mother's walker to his dad to help him walk without falling to get to the lab. I know he was needing a beer about this time of this fresh dose of existential hell involving many old people, but he persevered and got the test. It took about 3 hours with all the transfers and driving back and forth and about 2 minutes to get the test. He was tired and hungry when he got back home.

I was going to tell you about the "flying" trip to Coldwater Creek to return stuff and buy stuff, because the coupon was going to expire today! I couldn't let that happen....and I was going to tell you what a great performance Garrison Keillor put on tonight at UTA university. But I'll work on that tomorrow. Suffice it to say, that hubby might need a pj day, too. I invited him to my aerobics class next Wednesday. They are having a contest and bringing someone in would get me a point. :D I dug in my gym bag today to find that Silver Sneaker card to get them to sign that baby, too today! That will get me a FREE silver sneaker T shirt. OMG....I've been up too long I think.


  1. Hi Amber, You can't say there is ever a dull moment in your life! Sounds like new things happen every day. I hope you are feeling o.k. from falling into the car. We have snow forcast for tomorrow afternoon. I always enjoy the first one of the season and then that is enough. It can end with that one. Hope you both get that t.v. day soon.

  2. ill can't visualize how you fell into the car, but I'm sorry you did.
    Glad the end is near with your in-law problem. Bet you and your husband will rest easier when they are there.

  3. Ok, I guess it is possible to fall into a car. Not easy but doable. Hope you are feeling much better.
    Sorry but had to laugh a bit about the runaway wheel chair. Life gets tougher as our aids gain wheels.
    Love Garrison. Can't get him here but listen to his show on the web site a week later.

  4. I never questioned HOW one falls into a car... I'm just worried about how many TIMES one can fall into a car ... in a lifetime I mean.

    Poor Hubby! Little prayers that those TB tests read NEGATIVE!

    So... TOMORROW is going to be the jammy day then? Let's HOPE so!