Friday, November 6, 2009

The Busy Weekend

I'm not sure I'm up to full pages of a post after yesterday's madness, but I did want to share with anyone who is interested, and I haven't driven crazy that tomorrow night's A Prairie Home Companion radio show looks to be a really good one. Ya'll are probably sort of glad for a rest. I'll be looking for a parking place.

Heads Up! Get your radio out and look up where your Public Radio station is and tune in at 5:00pm.

Kids will be coming and going all weekend and so will I. Tomorrow is the "Menopause; The Musical" afternoon and then the PHC show from 5-7pm. Our youngest daughter will be coming in Sunday for a stop on her way to other parts of Texas. Our son and his family want to celebrate his dad's birthday this weekend, because he will be out of the state on business during the actual birthday time.

And..oh Lord..the in laws chapter 200. My mil has decided she must have a doctors appointment but is unable to find it on the calendar. We have all told her she doesn't, but well, you know. She got the whole calendar down and found one in July by golly! My husband had to tell her that it is now November. She thought about that for a minute and said...Somebody has a birthday in November. Her son has a birthday in November. It hurt him so much to realize she has reached that point in this wicked illness that takes memories and sense away. God love her, she was always one of the smartest women I've ever known and remembered everything.

I've chosen not to post about the great sadness that happened Friday at 1:34pm. There is nothing I can do to make anyone feel better about it and a moment of silence will be my statement.


  1. It was so hard when Hubby's Dad no longer knew him. Saddest day of Hubby's life. Hope you can get them in a home sooner rather than later.

  2. I remember this horrible disease with my Mom. I always went in and said who I was before she starting to look puzzled...trying to remember who I was.It's one of those things that we have to deal with sometimes. Harder on us than them I think.
    You left a comment on my blog today and wondered about celebrating Thanksgiving..I think it's a fine idea to go out for dinner. We have done that a couple of times and it was so relaxing. I really prefer it to my making dinner here. I gave in and bought those huge turkeys in a weak moment LOL

  3. Do YOU have any idea what the chances are that I could sit through an episode of Prairie Home Companion UNINTERUPTED??? That is the most hysterically FUNNY thought I've heard in weeeeeks!

    Enjoy the play - you will - I'm confident!

    Hope you guys enjoy the birthday celebration too!

    I'm sorry the extent of the disease is hitting home for your hubby. It is sad... it's very sad.

  4. I hope a safe and satisfactory solution for the in-laws is sooner rather than later.

    Enjoy the busy weekend and have happy birthday celebration; it seems they come less than a year apart these days.