Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slow day

Yesterday I sort of fell into the car yesterday while getting ready to go to the hair salon. It was an ungainly scene and I didn't realize how stiff it had made me until I tried to go to sleep last night. I was up most of the night wondering how this all happened. Probably just more of my grace in action. I'm pretty sleepy today and it is going to be that pajama and tv day...finally. So, my friend sent me this cute little you tube of...well, you probably guessed...a kitten.


  1. Didn't you fall into the car that time when you really messed up your shoulder too? Girl! You are dangerous getting into cars! I hope you feel better soon! A good jammy day can solve lots of stuff!

    Come on over to my place - have some coffee, and commiserate with me over in-laws!

  2. Gee, I have never fallen into a car, usually out of. Hope you are healing well. Jammies help.
    Loved the cute kitty.

  3. I hope you are feeling better today!

  4. Geez when I had bad knees I managed to fall out of the back seat, and also in some unimaginablbe way fell off a seat and was wedged between the front and back seats. Moral of the story--don't sit in the back seat.

    Hope you are better.

    We were to have rain Sun/Mon. Wrong. Sun is shining brightly, but very windy.

  5. I spent most of today in my pj's and it sure felt good. It has been so busy around here lately I thought I might die from overload!
    I worked on my blogs and just did what I wanted to do for a change!

  6. Melli,
    I'm fine today...just been really busy. I have tomorrow off. Lordamercy I'd love to sit at your table and have a cup of coffee with you. Some days are better than others. My husband just keeps getting weirder and he spends more and more time with them. aie

    Arkansas Patti, thank you for you kindness. I caught my left foot between the seat and door edge really I actually did fall into the durn car! Jammie day tomorrow.

    PJ-thank you is better.

    NW1-I think maybe God just has to let out a little bit of fun to see us windmilling around trying to stay upright.

    thesouthernlady-I so know what you mean. I did go to water aerobics today and it helps a lot. I get the jammie day tomorrow. Oh, I can't get your new url to stay in my blog list. I had the same problem with another lady. I just dunno anymore and she was a you!